NEAR Nft Club Guild Monthly [August] Report

Here is the Monthly report for August month categorized into 6 sections

    1. Design and Development
    1. R&D
    1. Connections
    1. Social Media Activities
    1. New Initiatives
    1. Next Month Roadmap


  • Twitter: Cover Page Design
  • Twitter: 32 Infographics Posts Created
  • Instagram: 8 Reels | 14 Posts
  • Minted 1 NFT for Charity DAO. Not Auctioned yet. Link

2. R&D

  • Explored two good use-cases based on the split royalty function of mintbase
    (1.) Charity for NFT Link
    (2.) Giving Chance to NEW NFT Artist Link

Working on two Ideas in collaboration for the Next hackathon

  1. Software-based solution for NFT Artists
  2. Combination of Hardware and Software-based solution for Collectors and General Purpose
    Exploring the possibility of organizing meetups/ events on other platforms for creating awareness about NEAR among the existing NFT Artists. [ With AltCoinRadio we have already organized one NEAR NFT meetup on DCL]

Conducted Polling on NEAR Officials and our Telegram groups

  1. Where people are Minting NFTs on NEAR | Date: 29/08/21
    58 votings received with Results below
    mintbase (44%), Not minting yet(29%) Paras(27%), Plumintie(6%), and Other (3%).
  2. How much as a collector you can spend for NFTs | Date: 05/08/21
    44 voting received with Results below
    1 NEAR(20%), 5 NEAR (27%), 10 NEAR (25%), and 50 NEAR (31%)


  • Meeting with
    @jiten123321 for organizing an NFT Workshop for Indian Photographers ( Dates not Finalized yet )
    Weekly Guild Meeting (Total:4) with other Guild Leaders
    @JMaenen for marketing and promotional activities on the NFT segment.


  • Twitter Account Report:
    Total Tweets: 74 | Tweet Impressions: 116K | Profile Visits: 9843 | Total Followers: 598

  • Instagram Account Report:
    Accounts Reached: 3250 | 14 Posts | 69 Stories | 8 Reels | 99 Followers | 135 Post Interactions [+58.8%] | 134 Reels Interaction [-18.8%]

  • Medium Blog Report:
    Blogs Posted: 1 | 46 Views | Link

  • Telegram Group Report:
    140 Members [Around 60 New Joining in August, In July we had around 75 Members]

  • Created NEW Telegram Channel: NFT NEAR | #NearNft for our Club on 29th August.
    21 Subscribers right now


  • For Charity Funds: Minting NFTs of Artists in Collaboration with split royalty distributed between NFT Artist and Relief Fund DAO’s.
  • Onboarding 3 NEW Artists every week to NEAR NFT ecosystem by bearing all the costs
  • Started “Beyond the NFT” Series for presenting the thoughts of existing NFT Artists
  • NFT Promotions via “NFT NEAR | #NearNft” TG Channel.


  • Increase the NEW TG subscribers from 21 to 100.
  • Cover at least 4 NFT Artists Stories/ Collection.
  • Purchase 6 NFTs, starting from 3 to be purchased on 1st September.
  • Increase promotional activities for Music NFT Segments.
  • Mint NFTs for a minimum of 10 New Artists on our mintbase “NEAR NFT Club” store and promote them from our social media posts.
  • Recruit a Content Writer for the Blog Posts and Increase medium blog Activities.
  • Increase engagement on Instagram [ Maybe additional Members will be Joining Us]
  • Regular posts on NFT related activities happening on NEAR, Paras, Mintbase, NxM, Pluminite, PixelDapps, C1 Guild, HypeDAO, and Graffiti DAO.
  • Conduct survey within NEAR NFT communities
  • Make connections with other NFT communities on NEAR

Feedbacks/Suggestions are welcomed in comments and in Form



Great work here! Infographic game especially strong. Keep up the momentum :muscle:


This has been a consistent effort throughout the month…across a wide range of platforms and initiatives.
Keep up this level and the results will keep coming :+1: :+1: