NEAR NFT Club Guild Monthly [November] Report

Here is the Guild Monthly report for the month of November categorized into 9 sections

  1. Design and Development
  2. R&D
  3. Connections
  4. Social Media Activities
  6. Our NFT Store
  7. NFT Giveaway
  8. Twitter Space
  9. Next Month Roadmap

1. Design and Development

  • NFT Artist Feature: 88 NFTs Featured
  • Website: Few new customizations in the website layout in footer and form submissions
  • New Reels design format:
  1. Paras/Mintbase NFTs Collection Link 1
  2. Mintbase VR Store Link 2
  3. General Videos related to NEAR NFTs or NFTs Link 3 Link 4

2. R&D

  1. The tag #NEARnft started by our club is getting very good SM Reach on Twitter. After using a trial version of 3rd party website starting from 16th Nov to analyze the tag impression, we recorded a 2.2 Million reach for the past 14 days.

  2. Posting Reels and stories along with the regular 3 posts a day is increasing our visibility of @nearnft Instagram account.
    Near All Instagram Account Analysis

  3. Working on a “Refer to Earn” model where every user who contributes to add value to our NFT ecosystem is going to be rewarded.

  4. Tumblr is still not resulting in any engagement for the analytics, we will push it last time for the month of December after that if we don’t get any impressions we will close it.

  5. Website SEO: We recorded 312 users visiting the website with maximum users coming from direct link-sharing or our social media accounts. We also recorded 289 new users out of 312 with an overall average duration of every user to be around 2.06 mins.


Google search is resulting 1.07K impressions with our web-link positioned on the 3rd page right now.

3. Connections

4. Social Media Growth Report

  1. Twitter
    +35.22% Followers Growth
    3140 [818 New Followers]


  1. Instagram
    +28.53% Followers Growth
    482 Followers [107 New Followers]

  2. Facebook
    +441% Followers Growth
    92 Followers [75 New Followers]

  1. Telegram Group
    +25.30% Members Growth
    406 Members [82 New Joining]

  2. Telegram Channel
    +2.87% Members Growth
    286 Members [8 New Joining]

  3. Pinterest

  1. Discord NEAR NFT Club
    Total users: 200
    NFT Collection subchannels: 22
    Growth report of Oct-Nov submitted by @Dgetsylver from Growth Guild: Discord Development Monthly Report [October-November]


Issue 8: October 25 - October 31

Issue 9: November 01 - November 07

Issue 10: November 08 - November 14

Issue 11: November 15 - November 21

Issue 12: November 22 - November 28

6. Our NFT Store

Number of Collected NFTs in November: 300+ from card4card event

7. NFT Giveaway

  1. In collab with cowbangers @sainthiago project on mintbase
  1. In collab with UNBOTHERED CHAMELEON Project on paras

8. Twitter Space
3 Days Twitter space by during card4card event

9. Roadmap

November Month Proposed Work Status

  • [Status: Completed] Open Discord Channel for our NFT communities, take feedbacks to improvise and then open it to everyone.
  • [Status: Completed] Share at least 3 NFT’s of our Artists from our 6 social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Telegram, Twitter) everyday.
  • [Status: Pending] Start exploring Reddit for our new channel.
  • [Status: Pending] Make our youtube account active.

December Month Work

  • Complete the Pending work from November Roadmap.
  • Increase the organic search ratio on our website.
  • Connect and promote 10 NFT Collection Minters/Team.
  • Onboard or start our new Auction House for selling NFTs on NEAR.

Wow. Great work :clap::clap::clap:


Thank you for all your efforts, well appreciated!


I have see your Instagram Reels You are getting great view then last month Reels will help you grow your club


You love to see it! Keep up the good work, @NearNft . Super impressed with all the work the club is doing at the moment.


Great report! Thanks to the NEAR NFT Club team for all the effort that you’ve put into the NEAR NFT community :blush:

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