NEAR NFT Club Guild Monthly [October] Report

Here is the Monthly report for October month categorized into 10 sections

  1. Design and Development
  2. R&D
  3. Connections
  4. Social Media Activities
  6. Our NFT Store
  7. NFT Workshop
  8. NFT Giveaway
  9. Twitter Space
  10. Next Month Roadmap


  • Twitter Tweets: 242
  • Instagram Posts: 87 Posts | 275 Stories | 2 Reels
  • Website: Added new section of Tutorial (Right now integrated mintbase youtube videos]
    Tutorials: Tutorials - NEARNFT
  • New post design format for our social media accounts for November month.

2. R&D

  • Browsing NFT related discord servers for setting up ours Discord Server.
  • Identifying trending tags and stories for IG work
  • Changing the post design format from horizontal to square and now on portrait mode.
  • IG Reels performs better than posts. This month we have posted only 2 reels and 87 posts, compare to last month 8 reels and 18 posts. And the overall interaction (Accounts reach and Accounts enegagement) were recorded less compare to last month because of the less number of reels we have posted.
  • NFT giveaway from our Twitter channel does increase the Followers of our Artists. For Agatheart NFT Giveaway, it was around 350+ followers in a week.
  • Analysed our past four months audience growth.

3. Connections

  • Collaborations with NEAR Vietnam and NEAR Philippines for NFT Workshop
  • Showcased our NFT Store on Metaverse at the NEARCON event on the Decentraland space owned by AltcoinRadio. Link
    Thanks to the opportunity to showcase our work by @tabear

4. Social Media Activities Report

  1. Twitter Account


  1. Instagram Account
    +71.2% increased followers
    Accounts Reached: 1,637 | 87 Posts | 275 Stories | 2 Reels | 375 Followers

  2. Medium Blog

  3. Telegram Group +40.86% increased Members
    324 Members [94 New Joining]

  4. Telegram Channel +79.35% increased Members
    278 Subscribers [123 New Joining]

  5. New Channels [For the last 1 Week]

Right now the insights is not showing any data as it has very less engagement.


Discord Channel


Issue 4: September 27 - October 03

Issue 5: October 04 - October 10

Issue 6: October 11 - October 17

Issue 7: October 18 - October 24

6. Our NFT Store

  • Our NFT Store got featured in Twitch by themetakey from Decentrand Space setup for NEARCON.
    Timing: 15:45 - 24:45

Number of Collected NFTs in October: 34 Link
Most of the NFTs were collected during our Twitter Space “Got NFTs to Shill”

7. NEAR NFT Workshops

  • In collaboration with NEAR Vietnam: Link

Total Registration: 30
No of Attendees: 12

  • In collaboration with NEAR Philippines: Link

Total Registration: 35
No of Attendees: 23

8. NFT Giveaway
We have done two NFT giveaways, one on Twitter and one on Instagram.

  1. Twitter Giveaway | Artist: Agathearts
  1. Instagram Giveaway | Artist: @Samtoshi_F_Baby

9. Starting Twitter Space

  • We have started weekly Twitter Space to motivate NFT Artists to share their NFT projects and thoughts related to the NFT ecosystem. During the space, we are collecting their shared NFTs in our store. We would also like other collectors from the communities to participate and motivate our artists.
  • On 31st October, @starpause, and @chloe were present in the space to share their thoughts about their NEAR NFT communities.

10. Next month Roadmap

  • Open Discord Channel for our NFT communities, take feedbacks to improvise and then open it to everyone.
  • Share at least 3 NFT’s of our Artists from our 6 social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Telegram, Twitter) everyday.
  • Start exploring Reddit for our new channel.
  • Make our youtube account active.

For any feedback and suggestion you can connect with us on our telegram group or fill out our feedback form: Form Link



Great job! I really like the weekly update, pretty much sums up all the cool stuff that happened that week. There is a lot of stuff you guys did, and it really helps the artists grow and connect with each other, kudos!

Not sure about all the social media, especially pinterest or tumblr, but I guess just try it out first for maybe 2-3 months, and if it doesn’t work just drop it and focus on a few channels that bring good engagement.


Thanks to NEAR NFT Club team as one of our partners in the NEAR’s NFT space, Paras has reached out to a bigger audience more and more every day. I agree with Riqi to focus on other channels, probably YouTube short videos (the same as Instagram reels) and TikTok if Pinterest and Tumblr do not have a satisfying result.

I’ll be more than happy to help the NEAR NFT community grows bigger. And thanks for the report, it is perfect!

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Thanks for the valuable feedback.

Agreed @riqi
The Pinterest and Tumblr is less engaging compare to other channels.
If the analytics and engagement doesn’t justify any progress within 3 months from these channels we will put more efforts on the other ones.

Hi @andinipapy .
The suggestion to work on Shorts and TikTok is really cool.
We have started with YouTube Shorts now and will be exploring the TikTok soon.