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Hello @jack @illia

Can Jack Collier share a Near Foundation Marketing report, achievements, KPIs, derivable, and budget for each quarter in 2022?

Community wants to know his your efforts to get 1 billion active users.



Hi Lazaro,

Appreciate the message - as part of our commitment to increasing transparency across the Foundation, the Marketing team will be releasing a quarterly update, starting with a recap of 2022 at the end of this year and quarterly updates thereafter.

In general, we have been focusing on a few strategies in the last 6 months since joining the foundation:

Creating brand moments - Top event presence (ETHDenver, Consensus etc), NEARCON, social campaigns, digital marketing
Consistent storytelling - Content marketing, PR, thought leadership
Building grassroots - Community events (and grants), MarketingDAO support
Ensuring lasting engagement - Social media presence

We have also been working on our positioning & messaging - you can see a lot of the early work through the Create Without Limits platform that we have been developing. Still lots more work to do here.

Just some stats highlights from Q4 so far:

  • 700 press mentions for NEAR in November alone
  • Nearing 1m followers on NEARProtocol twitter handle with minimal investment, growing engagement rates
  • Record monthly visitor numbers to

Lots to do - but we are making progress!



Your listed activities are not directly related to marketing. During these events, the token rate should grow due to advertising. And in this case, a vacation in Portugal and a decline in the price of the token. Good marketing attracts new users, what did you do? You still haven’t shown the report. Show marketing transparency, post a report on the forum.
Thx :blush:

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Hi @sheadyyy
I told you about the marketing department that I will also ask them for transparency. Their time has come too. If you have anything to add or ask, please join the discussion. I will only be glad
Thx :relaxed:

marketing does not necessarily mean token price goes up, there is so much to factor.

marketing should equate to new users which hopefully leads to more on-chain activities (which is trending up). all this may or may not lead to price action of the token but there are bigger contributions like macro or the overall crypto sentiment (which is not so good right now).

Hello. Since when have you been working in Near marketing?List your team. What metric do you have for marketing? What tasks were set and what were you able to solve? Good day

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Hey folks,

I’m sorry to say that your follow-up questions will have to wait a couple more weeks, until NF is ready to publish the report.
I understand that everyone is hurting in a bear market, but your patience and understanding would be much appreciated!

Hello! Who you are @Alpar_NEAR ?

I’m doing alright, thanks - but is this really the best place to ask this? :slight_smile:

I’m going to lock this topic, as I don’t expect to have much relevant discussion about this until the end of the year report is shared.

He is Community Moderator at NF.