[PROPOSAL] Program of Сonnection and Onboarding Artist and Users from Belarus

Project Members:

Target: d-layer.sputnik-dao.near

To build a local community and conduct activities, we need to create as many wallets as possible. We will open wallets and talk about our DAO at events and in personal correspondence with artists on social media

Quantitative Metrics: number of activated wallets, the number of members on Astro
Qualitative Metrics activity in social media, audience activity in other projects
How it benefits NEAR community? new users with activated wallets and the first nft in their collection (NFT is a guide to the ecosystem in simple words with first steps for users.)


  • Step 1: 100 active wallets
  • Step 2: 200 active wallets
  • Step 3: 300 active wallets

Funding Step 1:

  • creating and activation 100 wallets - $100
  • commission for minting and transfer welcome NFTs - $5
  • work on connecting wallets on events (lisakisa.near) - $125
  • supervising @techdir - $70
    Total: 300 USD