[Approved] Funding of new Near Wallets - Onboarding campaign VN Artist DAO

This is part of VN Artists Dao April Funding Request (Overview)

Dear Creatives,

As part of our efforts to onboard new Vietnamese creative enthusiasts to the space. We plan to help activate 30 new wallets for newcomers.

Funding per wallets: 0.5N * 30 = 15N

As stated in the overview post:

Method: New members of VN Artists DAO who complete their introduction with a showcase of artworks or portfolios will be helped to activate wallets for further activities on DAO.

Time frame: From April until 30 slots is over

Budget: 0.5*30=15N

Thank you so much for reading! [go to the main proposal]

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I think this could be on Onboarding DAO :slight_smile: what do you think guys? @zubairansari07 @mr_free @FritzWorm


Yeah It fits for onboarding DAO.


Oh great, thank you @kc_sollano, thank you @zubairansari07. I just did a tour to look at Onboarding DAO’s posts & definitely will looking forward to proposing to Onboarding DAO in the following projects that suit your stream.


Perfect, You are welcome ser! Since this is already approved, We will look forward to see more posts to onboarding dao in near future :fire:


Sounds good.

I support collaborations

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