NEAR Dapp for Collage Artist Repository

While hosting The Curators Ball on Clubhouse, a weekly showcase of NFT artists, an interesting conversation started between two collagist when I asked about where they sourced their raw images. I also do collage so I knew the answer is any damn where I can find some. But as we talked we realized that there is an opportunity here to facilitate, contribute to and ultimately serve the NFT art community.

I would love to partner with a NEAR Dapp programmer to create this repository that those who own a nft can upload and contribute and download files. This is also an opportunity to familiarize more artists with NEAR.

Suggestions on how to proceed in addition to partnership? Right now we are a team of 3 and have just begun discussing development.

Thanks and hoping to connect.
Also wondering if our group can collect NEAR bounty for this effort?

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