Near Certificate development programme

Near Protocol is with Near Education come with great opportunity for
For web developer.
Its A great opportunity to them who always thinking about learn somthing new, design something great, develop somthing uqiue and useful.
@NEARedu certified development program is chance to earn certificate of completion for showing your talent,skill, knowledge etc., Ability to design, Develop, test and post smart contract on the NEAR protocol.

Here is the twitter post of @near_insider

Here is the link

I am enrolled this program when i when i looked the post 1st time .
There we can understand, Explore the concept web 3.0
Reading contract code in Rust and AssemblyScript
writing contracts using Rust and AssemblyScript
Testing contracts using unit and simulation tests
Deploying contracts and a sensible user interface.
Thats enough to prove that NEAR protocol is working hard to Bright the future of there community.
Thank you❤️


Hi there. That’s great to read your nice words. As the ecosystem develops, learning to keep up with things around could bring valuable opportunities. If you think you’re fit with any of our projects, you’re more than welcome to apply for it by joining OWS as a contributor. Cheers for your good experience and together we grow!


I really appreciate your work.
Its means a lot for me.Thank you❤️

am in interested how can i enroll.

Sure, all are welcome. Please refer to the link in my comment and keep an eye on the OWS project dashboard. When you see an opp that suits you, feel free to apply.