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We’ve been hard at work ensuring that everyone who wants to start their web3 journey can do that by joining one of our flagship NEAR Certified Programs.

We completed seven NEAR Certified Programs in the last 30 days, teaching NEAR to 150+ participants with an overall Net Promoter Score of 61. Some of our alumni have already started their web3 journey and are working on exciting good-paying opportunities.

“ I like how this program delivers; I know this is for someone who has experience as a professional developer, but as a beginner, it helped me a lot explore other things related to NEAR” — A NCD Graduate.

Inspired by the momentum these regular courses are creating, we are announcing nine separate NCD I programs for Nov.

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NCD Level I ( 1 day )

Earn a Certificate of Completion by learning to design, build and deploy smart contracts on NEAR.
  • Wed, Nov 10 - 1x
  • Fri, Nov 12 - 2x
  • Tue, Nov 23 - 2x
  • Wed, Nov 24 - 2x
  • Fri, Nov 26 - 2x
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Course Schedule Summary


You can check your local timezone to see if this schedule works for you. We have tried to accommodate the entire community with at least 1 training event sometime in the next 2 weeks and we hope you can join us!

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