( Announcement ) Broken Rules of NDC Community Guidelines

Dear Near Community,

I want to express my sincere apologies for my actions regarding the “I am human NFTs” bounty contest. I acknowledge that mishandled the contest promotion and encouraged my friends to participate and even create Near wallets for them. One of my friends, who was not active on Near, participated in the bounty, I used their Telegram account to answer questions on their behalf. In retrospect, I understand that using someone else’s identity to participate in a contest and manipulating the results is unethical and goes against the values of transparency and integrity upheld by the Near community… “

I am fully aware that my behavior was unfair and dishonest, and I want to take full responsibility for my actions. Moving forward, I am committed to learning from this experience and ensuring that I never repeat such mistakes. I will strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth by the Near Community & Governance Working group and I will actively work towards rebuilding trust and demonstrating my dedication to transparency, fairness, and respect.

Thank you for your patience and consideration.

Albion / Shubham


In RETROSPECT? Seriously?

This is egregious behaviour that it would be obvious - before, during and after - that it was unethical and exploitative to anyone looking at such behaviour.

I support an immediate ban from the I am Human Competition, encourage the Bounty contest organisers to rethink their incentives (500 paid shills are now in control of NEAR Treasury?!), and would even consider pausing all funding from Grassroots sources for a period of time as a penalty.

Words are cheap. Community Treasury is under attack. Zero tolerance policy.


Hi Albhion,

Thank you for your explanation on your misconduct.

During the SBT Token bounty, there were a few suspicious on-chain activities and some suspicious conversations in the Telegram Group. After doing my research and with help from illuminifti, we were able to prove that Albhion had been posing as at least one other person on Telegram and possibly two more. Two of those accounts also participated in the SBT Token Bounty.
After more research and confronting Albhion for the second time, he admitted this and that he also has been talking to himself from different accounts in the mods telegram group. This is exactly the type of behavior that Albhion, in his role as NDC Moderator, is supposed to be moderating in order to protect our community from misconduct.

The misconduct has been discussed with the GWG core team and it was decided that Albhion will be removed from his position as an NDC Mod.

In our conversations, Albhion has shown to be sorry and he deeply regrets his actions. A part of me believes that Albhion has taken these actions in his enthusiasm to help onboard his friends onto NEAR, as he has been doing for a while. Unfortunately, he has used the most inappropriate measures to do so, broke community guidelines and broke my trust and that of the community. After my conversations with him, I hope that Albhion will show that he learned from this mistake, will never do something like that again and find a way to earn back the trust of the community.

@satojandro, thank you for your concern, but this misconduct happened during the SBT token design bounty and is in no way related to the onboarding competition.


Someone who break rules / trust can’t get back.

Moreover his roles was to prevent this kind of things…

Totally Respect your anger, But it’s not related to any Onboarding people or retroactive bounty, it’s just I bring people those not familiar with NEAR but who are true artists in their fields to participate in the bounty. Because they lack knowledge about NEAR and Telegram, they are not much active on Telegram, that’s why I use their handle to chat or shill artwork. My only mistake is not that I didn’t inform them about this.

Totally Agree, Ill try to build my reputation again

@Albhion at first I’d say you did a very wrong thing which isn’t expected of you as a renowned member of the NDC. This is a practical sabotage to your position as a Near DC moderator. A dog isn’t supposed to bite a bone hung on its neck, and that’s exact offense you committed here.

Be it as it may, I commend you for admitting and being able to write an open apology to the Near ecosystem, which is a very good step towards reconciliation and moving forward.

Like @joepmaenen said your post at as a Near DC mod will be relieved. But I want to be sure @joepmaenen

How long will @Albhion’s punishment last?
Because I see there’s every reason for reconciliation after serving due punishment.

In this case, this will be an apt lesson to everyone working in the NDC, planning such misconduct to be fore warned.

As NDC Mods lead, I think Albhion should be let go of his NDC Moderator position indefinitely. His position will likely be filled by someone else. If lots of people object to this, I’m willing to reconsider.

But I don’t think we can allow a person that has shown misconduct to stay on or turn back into a role that is supposed to prevent that same misconduct from happening. It is a serious breach of trust, which is essential to the role he was fulfilling. Perhaps the sanction would be different if this misconduct happened in a different role.

However, in my opinion, this does not mean that I think that Albhion is not allowed to fulfill other roles in the NEAR community. And that is also not my decision to make. The community is now aware of what happened and can take this event into consideration going forward. As Albhion showed great remorse, I do hope he will be able to earn back the trust that he lost. I do believe in second chances.

I think that is all I have to say about this matter, I will leave the rest to the community.


What ever decision taken is fine, but I just hope this doesn’t repeat itself because it doesn’t really sound nice.


I believe we have the Reconcilatory Work group to handle matters of this such nature

Looking to see how this breach and miss conduct iams handled

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Again and again. Sad to see this stuff keep happening.


Thanks @Ola we’ll have to seek the community’s stand on this… I’ll discuss with the Reconciliation Working group in our meeting to know how best we can get the community to give their feedback on this issue.

Meanwhile let’s keep building :v::dove::purple_heart:

Are you saying this is a repeated action?

It’s so sad Albhion is always involved in such activities, this shows no value to the community, what he did is biased and it’s so sad he keeps making same mistake all over and all over again knowing fully well he has reputable roles.
I wonder why involve in such misconduct to untidy your reputation.
However the did has been done and hope others learn from his mistakes.


“Because I see there’s every reason for reconciliation after serving due punishment.”


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I applaud the original poster for taking responsibility. When will the parties responsible for creating these malign incentives step forward to do the same? There are no excuses in leadership.

The misconduct of individuals is secondary to the real problem of malign incentives. Of course there should be accountability for misconduct, but attacking the symptoms while ignoring the underlying disease is short sighted.

The entire endeavor is an effort to shoe-horn a political economy onto what should be a simple, meritocratic, market-based process. The voting process is irrelevant to value creation. Even worse, it detracts from value creation.


The @neardc invites all NEAR communities to compete for great rewards and more voting power. !

In their own words, “communities must now compete for voting power”

Shouldn’t creators compete in the market instead? Shouldn’t we be competing to release products which serve users and on-board them into the NEAR ecosystem? There’s no meritocracy in the voting mechanism, just more politics.

This is just more doubling-down on past failures. The political economy has eclipsed the underlying utility.

Recently on a Twitter space on the topic of cartels and corruption, a member of the NDC even claimed that, “We need to emulate what states are doing…”

Excuse me, I thought we were entrepreneurs? States create corruption by creating public goods which are not subject to free-market incentives. This detracts from the value creation of entrepreneurs. For all of the big titles, resumes and hubris thrown around here, you’d think someone would understand these basics.

Looking at the past vaporware debacles and understanding the underlying malign incentives which precipitated these events should be paramount. The malfeasance of a single bad actor is irrelevant if the NDC, NF or whichever bureau is insisting on repeating the same mistakes by providing more of the same malign incentives.

I applaud the original poster for taking responsibility. When will the parties responsible for creating these malign incentives step forward to do the same? There are no excuses in leadership.

If we are going to be serious here, it is time to consider a new merit based approach.


100% Agree
No way to “reconciliation” and get back to NDC


Hello Everyone,

This person is always involved in such activities, this shows no value to the community.

Last time he created fake accounts to troll some good projects and to troll members who don’t agree with him. ( rememeber how a fake account was trolling @Monish016 for his project)

He approaches eevryone to associate with him and then forces them to give him NEAR tokens by saying he will speak to the Moderators and got the proposal approved. All mods know him and take his advice too.

I think he should be banned but then he will come again with a fake account.


The abuse will continue until the incentives for bad behavior are removed.

This is just one case which has been detected. The tip of the iceberg which is visible. It isn’t difficult to imagine how others would be evading detection.


This is a case of abuse of power
Manipulation and Breach of trust. The reconciliation WG could have stepped in if there had been any conflict arising from this matter.

The offender has received a punishment from the team of moderators, if there be any need for further queries, it. Should come from the Transparency Commission of which haven’t gone live…

Let’s believe that the punishment the offender is serving is befitting for now, until the Transparency Commission is live.

Let’s keep building :v::dove::purple_heart: