[NDC] Consideration for Community engagement lead role

Hello NEAR community!
I am Igboze Israel, and have been in the block chain space for three plus year’s now. Within the NEAR ecosystem, I am almost a year now and have worked with a fear projects as CM and Ambassador.

Presently I am the Team lead for ENE society (www.tnesociety.com) a community focused on onboarding music artists into the NEAR ecosystem to make and add value to the music projects on NEAR. Also, I am the team lead for Aurora Africa.

Having been more engaged in community related duties, and an active member of the NEAR ecosystem, I would love to be considered for the lead role in the community engagement work group.

This will enable transparency and put straight what every member of the community regardless will have a say and voice.

A community is not a community if only a selected few run the show.

This is about serving the community and making sure everyone has a voice and follows a standing rule.

Thanks for your support everyone.

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