NDC Community Event - Consensus

The NDC hosted its first Community events at Consensus!

Two events were scheduled.

W3B Thr33 Lounge @ Highbrow Lowbrow

Cost: $1500

  • Happy Hour
  • Fireside Chat about NDC
  • Tent w/ Booth

This event was a general Web3 crypto event. The NDC ground crew spoke with over 100 people with the focus to build awareness about NEAR and NDC. A fireside chat was held to discuss the future state of creatives in Web3 where I shared the vision of the NDC and grassroots funding led by the community.

Invoice 14612.pdf (26.1 KB)

NDC BBQ @ Supermoon House

This event was focused on reaching the NEAR Community to provide and overview and update on NDC it included a BBQ, a Rountable that was also streamed on Twitter and networking. Through out the evening community members, founders, and other web3 companies attended.

Cost: $5000

  • BBQ
  • Roundtable
  • Networking
  • Videography and photos

Listen to the Fireside Chat

more photos and video

NDC BBQ Invoice
NDC-0001.pdf (46.7 KB)

NDC Swag:

180 T-shirst different color and sizes
Cost: $2500

NDC Swag Invoice

Invoice103651-4-14-2023_105226_AM.pdf (428.4 KB)

NDC Shirts remaining

(to be sent to NDC Contributors)
Blue - 8

4 - Large
3 - Medium
1 - XL

White - 13

1 - small
6 - Large
4 - Medium
2 - XL

We are community - 8

2 - Small
6 - Medium

Black NDC - 53

14 - small
23 - Medium
14 - Large
2 - XL

Total: 82

NDC Step n Repeat

Cost: $280

Step and Repeat Backdrop Banners - Order 10769-1.pdf (2.1 MB)

NDC @ Consensus

The NDC ground crew @ the NEAR Booth

Iam Human Stickers (never showed, but said delivered)

Cost: $187.24


It was great event and organization :muscle:

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I like the merch, they stand out at Near booth!


Can we send some of the swag to Seoul for Asia Buidl? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I really do love this

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Congratz for this event !
Shipping Merch to France ? :stuck_out_tongue: