NDC Weekly Community Pulse


February 1, 2023

Dear Community,

Every Wednesday, I’ll provide a weekly snapshot of some of the announcements and learnings from the GWG (Governance Working Group) about the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) for the entire community. This will NOT be a comprehensive, deep dive into everything that is happening, but insights, ideas, and questions for the entire community for a quick update.

As a reminder, the GWG and the NDC are NOT DAOs – we are not even an entity. We are a group of community members from diverse regional, technical and community backgrounds that share a passion for NEAR, its vast community and want to further its goal towards decentralized self-governance. Our job is to develop the best possible NDC Governance Framework for YOU ALL to review, explore and eventually vote on – we will not decide, we don’t hold office, see us as a community-led think tank proposing NEAR specific governance frameworks to the community.


Every week feels like about a month for the GWG! We’re focused on delivering V0 of the governance and therefore it’s more like making sure we have all the right working parts to build a car. Therefore, the report this week is about the mechanics of what’s being used to build out toward V1. As always, please comment below and share this update with others.

1. The Community Trust/ legal instrument will support the transparent funding of the NDC (these funds will then be owned by the community). This commuity Trust is being finalized this week and next with an anticipated go-live in early Feb.

The legal instrument is an absolutely critical first step to our self-governance because this legal mechanism is the intentional framework to ensure transparent, community-focused financial decisions (with guard rails) to ensure best practices for the NDC. Without the proper legal framework, the “car” we are building won’t steer correctly. @atrox1382 (William), our Legal lead, has been working to guide the process and to ensure it is up and running this month. Once it is, we will be able to fund our activities, and moving forward the self-governance will be fully functional.

We will announce widely when it is live in the coming weeks.

2. V0 Update: The project plan is being finalized to ensure delivery by end of Feb, Product Manager on board, and publication of V0 content:

Crucial to our success is having the excellence and wisdom of a tested and experienced Product Manager. We are happy to now have Noak Kazander leading in this role. (@KazanderDad) Noak brings 20+ years of experience from Accenture in Web2 Consulting, and Project Management and holds an MSc of Engineering and Blackbelt in Lean Six Sigma. For the past 3 years, he has focused on Web3. Please give him a warm welcome. You can find a few more details of his candidacy submission here:

Our content programming is gearing up and Matt wrote a superb piece “A Beginners Guide to V0”. We have that piece on MEDIUM. The NEAR Foundation published one of our earlier NDC pieces on their blog What is the NEAR Digital Collective? – NEAR Protocol

And today we published “What is the GWG” What is the GWG and how does it work with the NDC? | by NEAR Digital Collective | NEAR Digital Collective | Feb, 2023 | Medium

We had more than 35,000 views on the NEAR Protocol Twitter page of this piece and we are thrilled that people are starting to read, share and comment on the actions of the NDC. https://twitter.com/NEARProtocol/status/1619014887618875392

3. Brand Results recap

Thank you to all of you for voting on the brand! @lex developed beautiful ideas, and we can announce that A has won.

That said, we heard your feedback and so the COLORS from choice B will be integrated into Choice A – this way the cool, streamlined look will also have vibrant and inviting colors. We are really excited to share the next phase of images and designs, and we think the Merch will be particularly awesome.

That’s it for this week. Please tell us BELOW what you think of these 3 initiatives - Also - What’s on your mind? How can we support your leanings and involvement? What’s something we should keep in mind?

Next week we will update you on V1, our first Global Community Town Hall, and partnerships supporting the initiative. Have a super week!

Best to you all -


GWG Comms Lead