NDC COMMUNITY PULSE: Wednesday, February 15


February 15, 2023

Dear Community,

Every Wednesday I provide a weekly snapshot about some of the announcements and learnings from the GWG (Governance Working Group) about the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) for the entire community. This will NOT be a comprehensive, deep dive into everything that is happening, but insights, ideas, and questions for the entire community for a quick update.


Talk on the Forum, TG and twitter are filled with how we can integrate and create cohesion in our communications – both technically and more broadly, how we can collaborate/communicate better as the NDC emerges.

For the GWG we are thinking about this very practically and so below are the key issues for us this week, with call to actions for you:


Joep created two great diagrams that outline how the GWG will communicate with you.

The first diagram shows the NDC Marketing Funnel. For each part of the funnel it shows which audience is targeted in which channels and which goals each part of the funnel addresses. Let us know if you think we’ve forgotten something!

The second diagram below outlines in more detail the channel funneling. It indicates the onboarding experience through different channels that a user goes through from the stage of awareness to active participation.

To be noted here is that this channel funnel puts emphasis on a new “NDC Community Hub” Telegram Group. This is to be the epicenter of the NEAR/NDC community, where new interested entrants to the NDC are provided with everything they need to become active participants. Effective and simple communication through announcements and pinned messages help potential new community members to learn more about the NDC, find their way and to provide feedback through polling. This Group will be supported by the NDC - Official Announcements Telegram Channel.

There will be another Telegram group for all the active GWG working group members to discuss the internal development of the NDC in more detail. This mitigates the existing problem in which new NDC enthusiasts immediately have to sift through hundreds of - for them irrelevant - Telegram messages, making for a much easier onboarding experience.

Call to action: Please give feedback, insights and what we may have missed.

2. Additionally, we launched an NDC Distribution Working Group on TG (thanks to @kdot Kobie’s lead) to swarm with the aim to align with the protocol and help push news and narratives that are consistent. We believe that there is real innovation to be had in this push to redefine distribution of news and connection on-chain.

We’d really value if you would weigh in on the diagram above for social to begin to identify the way in which we set KPIs in communicating the NDC. The key issues we are addressing are:

  • How do you share information in decentralized self-governance?
  • What modalities (social media, Telegram/Discord, Blogs, etc) are the best for decentralized self-governance?
  • What can we, the community, do to improve our communication with each other on-chain/within NEAR?

Call to Action: Please comment below if the visual helps you and most critically if you have insights to share.

3. THE NDC REGIONAL GROUP LAUNCHED – Within 48 hours there were 88 members of this group (and it is still growing).

This group is working through the crucial planning towards regional interaction with the Community Trust. Some key questions include:

  • What is the difference between regional hubs and regional guilds?
  • How do we define a regional community?
  • When is a regional community eligible for funding?
  • Where is the line between “freedom of speech” and “Conduct”?
  • How can we best translate into languages so that everyone has an equal footing?

Call to Action: Polls are going to launch this week and we as you all to weigh in.

4. BRAND ANNOUNCEMENT: Image winner with new colors

@lex really came through for us (Again!) and the integration of the selected design with brighter colors will be our look and feel. Thanks to all of you who voted!

That’s it for this week. Please tell us BELOW what you think of these initiatives - Also - What’s on your mind? How can we support your leanings and involvement? What’s something we should keep in mind?

Next week we will update you on the Community Treasury, our first Global Community Town Hall, and partnerships supporting the initiative. Have a super week!

Best to you all -


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