Smart Hub is a helping hand for developers on NEAR

I have great news for you!

:fire:Our Cultist tech Studio team, the developer of the Multiverse Fighters, has received a grant from the NEAR Foundation to create a smart contract constructor.

:exclamation: We have the name to this miracle - Smart Hub.

This is a set of blockchain solutions in the field of GameFi. The product helps developers to deploy the architecture of smart contracts faster to monetize the product on the blockchain.

:hammer_and_wrench: We test all solutions on our game, while improving both products:
:black_small_square: FT, NFT, Market inside the Smart contract constructor
:black_small_square: To expand the market, we have nft ido, rent, escrow, fractionation.
:black_small_square: Extension of the nft contract - nft reveal, nft upgrade
:black_small_square: There will also be a contract for holding tournaments.
:black_small_square: And a reputation contract that can be integrated into any other contract.

:hugs: We are open to any suggestions and will be happy to help with the integration of our product into your projects!

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PDF — smart-hub-near.pdf - Google Drive