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Exxaverse is an NFT play-to-earn combat game built using Unreal Engine. In Exxaverse, users compete in player-versus-player combat with in-game avatars. We aim to enhance the NFT gaming experience by giving players full control over their earnings. In this proposal, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of Exxaverse’s offerings for potential partners.

Our Game

Exxaverse will start out as an Arena-based combat game. Players will compete in live hand-to-hand combat using their digital Gladiator avatars. Before each match, players agree upon a mutual wager and select a Gladiator and Weapon to use in combat. There are different classes of Gladiators to choose from, each with its own moveset, strengths, and weaknesses. There are also a variety of weapon types to choose from, each with their own playstyle. Some Gladiator- Weapon combinations are more synergistic than others. All Gladiators and Weapons will be collectible NFTs. Ownership of at least one Gladiator and one Weapon is a prerequisite to playing Exxaverse.

In combat, players will control their Gladiators from a third-person perspective. Players then fight in an Arena. Rules and conditions for battles will differ between each of the numerous Arenas. Arenas will also be sold as NFTs, where the owner of each Arena chooses their rules.

Governance Token

$EXXA is the in-game utility token in the Exxaverse game. Additionally, it acts as the governance token for Exxaverse. Users will be able to wager $EXXA to battle in the Arenas, purchase Gladiator and Weapon NFTs from the Exxaverse Marketplace, and stake $EXXA and Exxaverse NFTs for extra governance votes and compounding $EXXA rewards.

NEAR Protocol

The Exxaverse economy operates on NEAR Protocol. $EXXA and our NFTs all operate on NEAR. We chose NEAR due to the rapid speed of transactions, minimal transaction fees, and commitment to carbon neutrality. We find that the NEAR protocol gives us the best opportunity to achieve our goals.

Additionally, we are developing NearLinker, an open-source project for linking the NEAR protocol with Unreal Engine. Our goal with this project is to improve the viability of the NEAR protocol in the NFT gaming space by creating a roadmap for game developers to implement the NEAR blockchain in games made with Unreal Engine. GitHub - ExxaVerse/NearLinker: This open source project will allow you to have Unreal Engine clients communicate with the NEAR blockchain.

Exxaverse NFT Collections

Gladiators: Gladiators are NFTs that correspond with playable characters in-game.

Weapons: Weapons are NFTs that correspond with the weapons Gladiators wield in combat.

Arena Tickets: Arena Tickets are a collection of NFTs meant to reward early members of the Exxaverse community. Arena Tickets will give holders $EXXA staking rewards, extra governance votes, and access to the Arena Auction.

Arenas: Arena NFTs are the digital real estate for the Exxaverse PVP combat. Arena owners set rules and conditions for the matches held there. Additionally, Arenas will be a venue for our partners to connect with us in the metaverse.

Our Earning Ecosystem

In other NFT games, players earn fixed token rewards distributed by a central governing source. Exxaverse is different. With Exxaverse, we take a laissez-faire approach to the earning economy. Players can choose how much they wager before each match, and the winner takes the pot. Players will be able to wager $EXXA (our utility and governance token), Gladiator NFTs, or Weapon NFTs. We see a number of benefits to this model over more centralized models.

Firstly, players get the freedom to choose their risk tolerance level. This allows Exxaverse to be a suitable earning environment that will grow with player skill level. All players will be granted a daily $EXXA sign-in bonus for entering the game. This sign-in bonus covers the minimum wager price for a few battles.

This will allow for more risk-averse players to hone their skills and earn a little each day. These risk-averse players will be able to slowly accumulate enough $EXXA to buy more Gladiators and Weapons from our open marketplace, where players will be able to buy and sell their Exxaverse NFTs.

As players improve and collect more in-game characters and items, they will move to higher stakes matches with more skilled players. With higher stakes Arenas comes higher minimum wagers and more potential earnings.

There are some players who may feel their skill level is advancing at a greater pace than their earnings. These players will be able to acquire more $EXXA via a token exchange, allowing for the purchase of more Gladiators and Weapons, as well as more wagers for battle.

We are creating a play-to-earn AAA quality game with a low barrier of entry. Our main goal is to support a thriving digital ecosystem. We will achieve this goal by creating a game that users enjoy playing and by optimizing the ecosystem to be secure and sustainable.

Our Ask
Exxaverse is currently looking for a Grant of 10,000 NEAR. This funding will be used to hire additional game developers and artists to help build out the ecosystem and fulfill our long term goal of creating an MMORPG Metaverse. We will also use this funding towards our marketing efforts to raise awareness for the game and increase our player base.
We are also asking for Human Guild to assist us in introducing VCs to the project that would potentially be interested in helping fund development for the project. We truly believe that with the help of Human Guild we will be able to actualize our long term development goals.

Joshua Margulies - President of Operations - Co-Founder of Exxaverse LLC. With a background in broadband technology, Joshua specializes in team management and general business operations.
William Schneider - President of Technology - Co-Founder of Exxaverse LLC. Will is an experienced programmer and engineer with years of experience in startups.
Liviu Marian Berciu - Lead Blockchain Engineer - Liviu is a polyglot software engineer with experience ranging from low-level security and hypervisors to higher-level web-pages and applications. He has worked with big companies such as Amazon, Garmin and Bitdefender, where he achieved valuable experience on different programming domains.
Ken West - Lead Designer - Ken West is a California based, World-renowned 3D artist. Having been in the movie, gaming and commercials industries for over a decade. He has worked on many successful movies and video games, like Call of Duty, League of Legends, Overwatch and many more. He has collaborated with companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Microsoft, Redbull, Riot Games and many other significant actors in the audiovisual sector.
Godeffroy Valet - Senior Software Engineer - Godeffroy is an expert in C++ development and software architecture who excels at producing efficient and maintainable software quickly. His experience includes VR, 3D engines, robotics, deep learning, math, and physics.
Ahmed El-Hameed - Lead Game Developer - Ahmed is an experienced game developer with multiple games under his belt. Ahmed has created A full functional multiplayer battle royale game working on a big scale and being hosted by amazon gamelift service.

Our partners include Big Brain Holdings, Non-Fungible media, Anti Social Ape Club, The Bullish Bulls, The Dons, Mara DAO, The Secret Skellies Society, and NearNauts.

Second Quarter of 2022:
Arena Ticket NFT sales have successfully kicked-off. All 2,500 Arena Tickets have been minted on the NEAR blockchain. Buyers can currently purchase the NFTs with $NEAR tokens.

Next, the free-to-play beta Exxaverse game will be released to the public for all to try. Shortly after, we will have the Generation 1 Gladiator mint.

Third Quarter of 2022: Launch of $EXXA tokens for in-game use. Distribution of Arenas to all of our partner projects. At this time, an Arena auction is organized. Additionally the game will be transformed into a play-to-earn game with the implementation of blockchain integration.

Fourth Quarter of 2022: Development and implementation of a browser-based marketplace for trading NFTs. This marketplace is where new Exxaverse item drops such as new Weapons and Gladiator classes will be introduced and sold. Next, an $EXXA wallet integrable with a web browser as an extension is provided for users to keep their $EXXA holdings.

Early 2023: We aim to roll out adventure mode by this time. The goal of adventure mode is to be a lower-stakes way for players to earn while honing their combat skills. In Adventure mode, players can explore an immersive open-world environment. Players earn money in Adventure mode by fighting monsters, exploring dungeons, completing quests, and progressing along the storyline.

Late 2023: At this point, a blockchain explorer is integrated into the ecosystem. The transaction explorer provides a log for players to check their transaction history, and monitor the real-time data of transaction orders.

2024: Launch IOS and Android Apps for the Game and Wallet

2025: Continue to Expand the Exxaverse Ecosystem

Contact us at for more info!

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