🔴 Mukachevo City Node budget and grant budget for next month

@David_NEAR Thank you very much for your comment. And every question it suggests is perfectly appropriate. But, please tell me, why should a part of the community indicate payment in USD, and when doing their job, receive a reduced payment, and part of the community should receive 300N, and the payment is recorded in NEAR? In addition, I created a telegram chat, where I began to dump my expenses, but for some reason no one went there except @Grace , which I invited myself

Thanks to Vadim for the good advice. The retrospective is very good, and this is exactly what we talked about today. Now I finally understand (maybe) what you mean. When I return to Mukachevo I will prepare a retrospective.

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Either way, just because you did the work prior to approval, doesn’t mean it needs to be paid out. Or else everyone would just go around working whatever hours they want and then come demanding funds from the Near foundation which is obviously not reasonable.


Telegram: Contact @transformfunds )
I made the chat public. chat as a form of reporting is much more convenient than a forum. it is always one branch and there is no confusion. I see a similar idea here
Telegram: Contact @near_ru )

and I would very much like to meet you personally in Kiev. I hope you find a place for me indoors and a little time outside of the event at the meetup in Kiev on September 30th

@zavodil @Grace @illia

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Hey @Dacha thanks for asking hard question and digging through the data and everyone here to pushing for more transparency and process.

This starts with defining strategy and having an open discussion for it. For example, we should clearly define what is and what is not in scope of this program. (@Adonis very correctly pointed out that depending on the strategy and goals the KPIs are very different)

So please give me and @Grace few days to figure out an actual strategy around city nodes and more general global physical expansion. We then are going to publish and have a discussion around that.

Only following this discussion it make sense to create an actual grants and accountability around this.

@INFINITY as I mentioned in DM - to make your work clear to the wider ecosystem it’s important to communicate clearly and deliberately. You have a lot of passion and definitely are able to bring people into the community but talking about it, about the goals and progress is as important.

Using telegram for reporting is not a good idea, forum is better as it allows to have more meaningful conversations and provide more context. Though there might be better options that doing this on the forum going forward, but this has been standard that everyone is using. Please, follow it.

Indeed, if anyone wants to meet in Kiev, we are hosting a large event this Thursday and I’ll be there:

Feel free to come earlier to the venue (Creative State) we can discuss here.


Thank you, @illia, for your comment.

Thanks, @Dacha, and @zavodil, for always keeping us accountable; I appreciate that you were respectful when questioning for more information.

As for @INFINITY, you are doing a great job; unfortunately, it is not communicated or related to the areas where you have submitted proposals for rewards.

Your passion is palpable to us, and it is our responsibility to channel that drive and enthusiasm towards an area where your contribution is valued.

As you may recall from our last meeting (three weeks ago), we concluded that the work you were doing under ‘hack node activation’ was not necessarily matching the goals and expectations we had for Hack Nodes. However, this does not mean that the work is not appreciated or valued, but that your Guild’s work should be considered under a different framework which will include a different set requirements. I believe that the work done in Mukachevo will bring long-term impact and will require delivering a broader scope of objectives compared to the Hack Nodes.

The rapid growth of our community is constantly challenging us; I have to admit that keeping up with forum communication and details on activation programs has been difficult. Nonetheless, we will continue to explore new ways to build communities and engaging activation initiatives.


Is this event open to everyone? I’d love to attend :slight_smile:

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Yes, of course join us, we have enough space for everyone)))) We are starting a new chapter and it’s time to turn over the page !!! I invite everyone here:


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I meant tomorrow event in kyiv) it says sold out