MintbaseDAO going to sleep for indefinite time

Hello there,

It has been a pleasure to review proposals and bring them to the mintbaseDAO council for the last year - but I am going to leave for my maternity period in 4 weeks and our team is too small to continue the efforts to deal with the review of proposals, control of reports and allocation of funds for the mintbaseDAO.

At the moment, the MintbaseDAO holds 3458 USD in NEAR which came from CreativesDAO funds.

We have some projects that we still want to fund in this month of october, and 1 in november. The rest of the funds can go back to NF/Creatives - OR - we could allocate them to incubadora dao as we trust them in the mission of continuing to produce educative events and content to onboard users to the near ecosystem and hopefully mintbase.

The projects which we approved and would like to fund are:


250 + 6.5N + 15 N for:

200 per charity for (max 600 i’d say) :

400 + 18N for:

230 for:


600 for

Resulting in 2080 USD + 39,5N (116,13USD) = 2196,13 USD

So there are 1262 USD which could be re-distributed to incubadora DAO or refunded to CreativesDAO/Near Foundation at the end of november.

How does that sound? What are the next steps?

Tagging @creativesdao-council , @ted.iv and @David_NEAR and @frnvpr from incubadora to get some input on how to best proceed. :slight_smile:
Thank you



first let me wish you all the best for whats coming :heart:

Second, Incubadora DAO would use these funds to create workshops for artists and art galleries in the Lisbon area, in which Mintbase would be a cornerstone of the experience.

We have partnered with the Mintbase team before and believe there is mutual trust. Furthermore, being both Mintbase and Incubadora DAO based in Lisbon there is an extra incentive for spending these funds on activities that aim to bring more high end users to Mintbase and related products.

If the Creatives Mods do think it’s a nice compromise for the use of the tokens our team would be happy to implement it.


Boa hora pra você Maria recheadaaaaa :heart:


Hey, @marianeu , thanks for tagging. I’d be happy to see the rest of the funds sent to incubadora DAO for them to continue the work they do (saying this just as a community member as I’m no longer a mod).


will be happy to be a part of it.

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Thank you for the work you’ve put in. Many moons ago Mintbase aka Createbase was the first DAO, thanks to @chloe & then @mecsbecs and you folks a lot of creatives started their web3 journey <3


Hi @marianeu,

Thank you for the information.

From the Reward Agreement T&C, I would say the amount of fund could still be used as a social goods, as long as they’re reported properly. So I support the idea to transfer the rest of fund to Incubadora DAO to continue the work.

My suggestion: Reports for October projects will be collected and reported by Mintbase & the rest amount once allocated to projects will be reported back by Incubadora.


This makes sense and is OK by Incubadora DAO.


Have a good rest and good maternity time, @marianeu. It was a wonderful experience to build projects within Mintbase and try to develop some groups of artists in it.

Very glad that the resources are going to Incubadora, also a wonderful DAO, example for the community.



Hey @williamx,

So if I transferred all the funds for all the projects to incubadora - they would pay them out ?

Because until now I did not receive a report yet.

Tagging @Unpredictableseries @claudinhabelha @lenara and @tabear so they keep up to date :slight_smile: (ALL WOMEN <3 love it)


From what I understood Mintbase would be responsible for the approved projects and Incubadora would after to report on the remaining 1262 USD.

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Thanks Maria,
Have a great leave and best for whats next for you.
We are doing the activity today and produce report tomorrow 29.10.
We will present report and request the payout to incubadora.
Many thanks


@marianeu If you need help with managing payouts for previous proposals I can help, if you are on ur last days at the dao.

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Hello @marianeu

any news about this?

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hey everyone @frnvpr @unpredictableseries

I took the last week off, that’s why I hadn’t answered!

I think these last payouts can be done via the mintbaseDAO, and as soon as all the funds mentioned in the post are distributed, I’ll send the rest to IncubadoraDAO. How does that sound?

Thank you

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Sounds perfect. Thank you.

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