Metaverse DAO buys NFTs on its Exhibition-Parties on Metaverse

now we need to wait until the index come back

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Thank you, Jack! We really appreciate it! :smiley:

Macieira, please, send the photo, because Mintbase is on maintenance.

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I mite have understand wrong… cause i create 3xR galleries for this “competition”

all my musicNFTs on mintbase

A compilation of NomadeLabel features

Showcase of@luixoluixo and @filmesdeinfiltracao

So…i guess i came to the wrong gig :thinking:


Hey, my friend @blusw, the collectors’ prize from Mintbase will happen soon, in the future. We are still discussing how it is going to be implemented.

But you can submit 3xr NFTs too for the exhibition. Remember only that we have just 250 usd for buying all the works, and we start by the cheaper ones and we go to the more expensive ones until our money is over. And we hope to hear you talking about the work you submitted in-party January 30th. :slight_smile:

And please, which one of the works are you submitting? We can put all of them into the exhibition, but we will consider only 1 per person for buying, in order to spread the resources through the community.

Hi @thephilosopher ! Yesterday I tried to mint my art but it wasn’t working.
Can I show the art here?
Thanks friend! Have a great weekend!


Yes, friend, you can.

And later, when the system is back, you send me the NFT link.

Im definitively on the wrong gig

There wasent a metaverseDAO thing, that you told about creating 3xR galleries on this month?

Those 3xr NFT galleries were’nt submitions for this contest - they are about 20.22 NEAR :wink:

but yeah… maybe, take this one:

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I hope there’s still time to join the party hehe

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Jack, tell us more about HAK? We are curious!
HAK can be used for other utilities too?

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My participation :smiley:

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Submissions are closed after party, in 1h and 5 minutes from now. Thank you all for participating. :smiley: Come to our party!!

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done in time

:pray: :pray: :pray:

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@thephilosopher Now that mintbase is back, here is the link to the minted artwork :smiley:

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I want to share it with you from GOA, India.
Here is a lot of great old and new schools musicians. I want to help them come in modern world.

First music :herb:NFT on MintBase from Nityananda(guitar, voice) and Pover Flutter(flute Bansuri). Night collab. Just on the road of Arambol, GOA.
Let’s do connection and grow together​:spider_web::orangutan::palm_tree:

Ram, Maa, Amm kiss me in the Chakra Nityananda & Pover Flutter


Hi @thephilosopher

HAK needs talent to do research on this topic:


Ok, great… @thephilosopher…i i’ll be there
ps: image is a bit distorted in CV…[stretched…so the quaver is out of shape]
if you let me have the correct aspect…I can adjust one for you if u want

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Damn I missed the participation :cry:

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Hey,friends, sorry for taking too long to answer, but i got sick, and I am still getting better.
Today we have our party hosted by me and Isa Danoninho, with music by Larkim and Art by you.
It will be in 5 minutes from now. After the music of Larkim, we will hear the artists talking about their work and we will buy 250 usd in near of works. We are taking some DAI from our treasury now to buy some near and buy the works. It is nice near is relaively low in this moment.

Cant wait to see you there. I am a little bit sick, but i will be there to listen you to talkabout your work. :slight_smile: