[REPORT] Metaverse DAO February 2022 Report

Council Members:


*Target: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Total Requested: 5000
*Total Spent: 4.300 DAI
*Total Left: 33.0461 NEAR, 1019.3364 DAI, 50000000000 HAK, 99026 METACOIN

What we proposed:

What we have accomplished:

Bounty Initiatives and Hiring the Community

We hired three musicians, for 200 usd in DAI total for our 2 parties. They payout is accounted in the respective project report.

Financial Movements

We deposited 250 dai and the relative metacoin in the liquidity pool at ref.finance.

We took 200 near from our dao and sent to the external wallet and traded 203 near for 1,753.09125 DAI n ref.finance, 19:08, utc-3, February 22nd, 2022, and we sent it back the the dao’s wallet on astrodao.

Left in the external wallet: 3.13839 NEAR and 1,000 GOLD.
Someone dropped 1,000 GOLD in our external wallet.

Updated Projects Timeline:
We had some issues with the magazine project that could not be accounted in time, and is still on the making. All the other projects were made in time, some of them wih some amount of modification, but without compromising the deliverables.

We’ve: built 2 techno parties with our new producer, but she had technical problems with CV, and as my health was damaged and I was in the hospital, I couldnt help so much. One of the parties was good and it entertained Gambiarra DAO’s members too, who are in close contact with Metaverse DAO. We had 4 interviews, 3 made by @gushlewis and 1 made by @nonfungibletc. I have to be interviewd by Nonfungible, but I couldnt for being in the hospital, but we are going to make this interview in March. We are already paying him in advance. Blu’s project on decentralized project was also successful, and our reporter could recorded more than 10 events on many metaverses, and minted them as NFT. Nevertheless, our NEAR Metaverse Magazine #3 is late, but is coming soon. We will update the report as soon as it comes.

We could learn the need of weekly calls in order to know exactly how each project is developing, and do something for the ones that are not developing with success.

Next Steps:
Next steps are to add more people to the dao in order to have more people working for our organization and development. We need to expand our DAO and make it even more organized and capable of delivery all of our products and services on time and with growing quality. For this we need more permanent team.

Thanks for your support to Metaverse DAO!