Mate - Meta Pool Ambassador Working Activities for March, 2024

Meta Pool on Peru during March 2024.

We are glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool in Peru during the last month:


Twitter threads/posts:

META token migration to mpDAO
Why participate in the governance of Meta Pool?
17 days to go until the start of the META token migration to mpDAO on
Meta Pool


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Reddit Posts:

This project that started on the NEAR protocol has just reached ove $115M in TVL
This multi-chain DAO has just reached over $130M in TVL
This would be the first time that a Latin American DAO would achieve multi-chain governance

Lens Posts:

Did you miss Meta Pool’s February recap?
Do you want to earn $350 USD with Meta Pool?
Why participate in the governance of Meta Pool?
Do you want to receive rewards for participating in a governance?

LinkedIn Posts:

The Evolution of Meta Pool towards Multichain Governance
Why participate in Meta Pool governance?

Monthly activities:

X Space with Digitalizados
X Space with Meximalist
IRL Meetup with ETH Latam Day celebrating Women’s Day
3 new female stakers ($10)

¡Meta Pool is growing in Peru! During this month we are happy to announce the following numbers:

X Space with Digitalizados: 2.2K tuned in
X Space with Meximalist: 97 tuned in
IRL meet up with more than 30 assistants

¡Thank you!