Dec/8 - Launch of Meta Staking Vote - 1 Million NEAR distribution to validator nodes

Update Dec 6th: We have 2 more dates for node operator presentations - Dec 15th and 20th. RSVP site soon

Hello NEARians! It has been a few months since Meta Pool has posted on the forum and we are breaking our silence for a very good reason :sunglasses:

We are ready to launch Meta Staking Vote, our first step into setting up the Governance for the Meta Pool DAO, it has been a very exciting 15 months since we launched on mainnet. Even through all the crazyness of this crypto winter :cold_face:, we have continue to build on NEAR :mechanical_arm:

In October we launched META token voting through a User Interface, we deployed our own DApp and it was the first time that an NEP-141 token was used in a voting platform, some of you might have interacted with it through Meta Vote and participated in deciding which projects to launch on Meta Yield a few weeks back.

Distribute 1 Million NEAR through community voting.
Many of you participated in our Community Launch last year and have HODL our governance token - $META. This is your opportunity to participate in setting up our governance platform, our mission is to help NEAR become more decentralize and in doing so Meta Pool should continue it´s path to also be decentralize.

That is why we are putting 15% of our delegation in the hands of META token holders and for them to decide which validator nodes will get it. This will become an on going process and as the community gets familiar in making decisions through our Meta Staking Vote platform we will start to allocate more delegation. We believe that 1 Million NEAR is a good start and will provide incentives for node operators to participate in this process as well.

The 1 - 1 - 1 campaign launch of Meta Staking Vote.
So today December 1st, in 1 week we will launch Meta Staking Vote and the community will decide how to distribute 1 Million NEAR.

Meta Pool is organising an invitation only event for the launch of our platform on Thursday December 8th at 6pm UTC, please RSVP here.

Important information:

  • Launch date: December 8th
  • Time: 6pm UTC
  • Where: Online - Zoom call, RSVP to get the link
  • Live DEMO of Meta Staking Vote
  • 15 to 20 Node Operators will be presenting to the NEAR ecosystem

Hope to see you at the event, it will be recorded in our Youtube channel later. Make sure to check it out :point_down:


Nice to have Meta Pool back on the forums!

RSVP’ed. Looking forward to the campaign launch next week :sunglasses:


This is one of the first community events that puts validators on front, great opportunity to share and know what is happening on that side of the network.

Hope to see great projects presenting this coming December 8th.


I agree! Would be great to have more teams sharing their achievements on here!


A project that leads to the participation of the community of validators that activate decentralization.


Loving how this project keeps bringing value to the community! Great work as usual :tada:


It’s sensational to see you here again, Meta Pool! Lets go for it! :clap:


As usual, solid proposals from meta-pool


Nice to participate on it! Let’s work for decentralization!


For those interested in being part of the conversation, please visit our Discord server for the most recent updates.


Excellent first validators pitch on December 8th.


Very important milestone for NEAR protocol!


Love to see how Meta Pool keeps bringing value to the NEAR community with great products!