Mentorship program proposal

Hi Sandboxers and Nearians,

Starting on March 1, we are launching the OWS Mentor Program, which is closely tied to the launch of Tiers :rocket:

Goals and Objectives

Due to the rapid growth of the community, we see the need to provide new opportunities to share and gain experience in the blockchain field. We want to provide more opportunities for new people to participate in projects. Another of our goals is to provide a comfortable environment for development and growth inside and outside of OWS.
With this program, we hope to give more opportunities to people who do not yet have enough experience in The NEAR ecosystems to participate in projects and also to encourage the development of people who have been with us for a long time.

How and who?

  • Project mentorship

First, we will divide all first-tier contributors relative to their skills into 5 categories:

  • Designers
  • Front end devs
  • Back end devs
  • Writing content creators
  • Community managers

During the following week, the First Tier and third Tier contributors will be contacted with a proposal for mentors and mentees. What will include this proposal?

We will hold a series of events with first-tier contributors to share tips and tricks tailored to their specific project and answer questions.
Then, depending on the activity and engagement of the tier 3 contributors, the tier 1 mentors will assemble teams of 5.
The mentor-led teams will be able to participate in projects beginning in March, just as individual contributors do now.
The mentors’ supervision and assistance will help channel the mentees’ expertise and quickly come with support if needed.
The mentorship program is designed to help mentors understand how to work with ventures on their own and to help them understand how to work with ventures on their own.
After completing a collaborative project and receiving positive feedback, tier 3 contributors move on to tier 2, where they can work on projects on their own.

  • Introductory mentorship

We have something for new people on our Discord channel too!

Starting from March we will choose the most active Sandboxer from the third Tier every month.
Help people on the channel, answer questions of newcomers, participate in activities and join the OWS Team of moderators.
Persons who successfully finished 1 month of Discord moderation will move to the 2nd Tier and can apply to projects as community moderators.


We offer 200 USD to each mentor of one team. Team members will receive a fixed 30% of the project award and 70% if the project is successful and there is positive feedback. That is, if the project award is 100, then all team members get a fixed 30 and have the opportunity to raise the award to 70

Introductory mentors will receive 200 USD for helping us with Discord.

Do you have questions or want to join the program? Drop the message under this post :blush:

Community Building:
@IgbozeIsrael, the Leader of NEAR NIGERIA DEV.

  • Thursday, 24/02 at 5pm CET​
  • Saturday, 26/02 3 pm CET
  • Monday, 28/02 6 pm CET

Research and writing content
Mentor @LuisAponte99 , author of materials for Sankore and Venezuela Guild
:dizzy: Timetable::dizzy:

  • Thursday, 24/02 7:00 pm CET
  • Friday, 25/02 3:00 pm CET
  • Thursday, 03/03 5:00 pm CET

Community building
Mentor @kc_sollano , a member of CURA Dao, Design Guild, and various other projects
:boom: Timetable :boom:
Friday, 25/02 - 2:30 PM CET
Wednesday 02/03 - 1:00 PM CET
Thursday 03/03 - 1:00 PM CET

Marketing and project development
Mentor @valeriy.nemyrov, Marketing Leader of Datality :100:
:star: Timetable: :star:
Friday, 25/02 - 5 pm CET
Monday, 28/02 - 7 pm CET

All events will take place in the NEAR Hub auditorium Open Web Sandbox Auditorium | NEAR Hub Online
Please remember to connect your NEAR wallet before joining

More events on following weeks!!!


I will gladly Join as a mentee


Hey, in what field out of 5 would you like to participate?


i would love to join too


Hi @AnaNastya

Sign me up, please. I’d like to be mentored in both Content Writing and Community Moderating. I believe it would be a great step toward my goal of becoming equipped to deliver high quality services in and for the Near Ecosystem.


@dmitryne look this mentorship


Hi @AnaNastya

I would love to be part of this Program, I could participate in to

It is a nice opportunity to give and to receive, to teach, and to be taught, while we contribute to this great community to grow.

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exited to join the program
as community manager
waiting for updates
thank you !

Hello, I will join as community manager mentor

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Just awesome will luv the written content creator or community manager. This is a lovely development

@KJay this is a great opportunity for you to get involved and add much value to the community.

Check this out.

I’d like to participate as a Designer and/or Frontend Dev.

Hello everyone.
I would gladly join as a mentee for the community moderator section.

Hello @Clinton you should get in and contribute to the community here.

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Thank you!Glad to be here. I would love to participate in this program as a community moderator.

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Would love to join the program as the mentor. key knowledge: Marketing, Business Development, Growth , Scaling Up

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Hey, do you mean as a mentor or mentee?

As a mentee, based on the tiers I fall in tier 3

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Hello, I would love to join this program as a mentee. I would like to participate as a designer and community manager mentee. I believe it would be a nice experience to learn, get involve, and contribute to the community.


Hello, I’d love to join as a community manager.
Thanks. Await your response.