May has been the month when these plans from Meta Pool in April have been put into implementation

I am thrilled to share this with my fellow Filipinos and a global audience as well.

Here’s a summary of my engagement activities:

5 X Threads

:arrow_right:Announcement of the $mpDAO governance token This was an important milestone as the application for mpDAO Grants 7 is now live and the community showed interest and engagement. An important event is the Governance Call organized by Meta Pool on May 24, 2004, aimed at giving Ethereum users the ability to participate in the governance process of Meta Pool. Finally, in a significant step the more than 16,000 $stNEAR distribution went on to be released on June 3, which was the sign of some ongoing expansion and activity within the ecosystem.

3 Medium Blogpost

:arrow_right:The move in May followed the launch of mpDAO on Uniswap, with Meta Pool highlighting its commitment to decentralized governance. This covered my blog on the multichain governance framework of Meta Pool -how it works and the impact it has on the ecosystem. Furthermore, a step-by-step guide explaining how to delegate Ethereum accounts to Near accounts so that Meta Pool can improve the experiences and usability.

2 LinkedIn Article

:arrow_right:My LinkedIn Article delves into the topic of fostering innovation looking through Meta Pool’s mpDAO Grants 7 and Multichain Governance.

1 Infographics

:arrow_right:In early May, I shared an infographic providing guidance on acquiring $mpDAO tokens on Uniswap.

5 X Spaces

:arrow_right:Organizing May’s X Space provided me with valuable insights, allowing me to learn and relearn various aspects. The five space events mainly focused on the launch of $mpDAO, the upcoming mpDAO Grants 7, a guide on sending proposals, discussing guidelines, and highlighting their benefits. It’s incredible to witness the growth of my engaged audience; last month, the highest number of tuned-in listeners was around 60 people, and now it has doubled to reach 122 listeners.

1 Physical Meet up

:arrow_right:In May, I arranged a local physical meetup where I introduced Meta Pool and engaged in discussions about mpDAO Grants 7 with the aspiring minds of Web3. The enthusiasm and adoption of the mission and vision behind various Web3 projects by my fellow Filipinos continue to inspire me.

Come along with me once more on my journey to craft insightful content in the months ahead.