May Monthly Report

In early May, while I briefly mentioned other activities and accomplishments related to Meta Pool, my primary focus was on providing updates about the mpDAO Grant 7 and the Meta Pool ecosystem.

Below is a recap of the activities I engaged in concerning Meta Pool:

8 X thread

In my X thread content, I wrote a step by step guide through obtaining a free NEAR account with the help of Meta Pool, which subsidizes the initial account creation cost.

  • The delegation process for Ethereum users to connect with NEAR and actively participate in Meta Pool governance.

  • wrote on how mpDAO Grants hits a major milestone with over $110,000 USD allocated in a single round.

  • How to stake and unstake

  • Also wrote a step by step guide on how to get $mpDAO on uniswap

1 AMA Session
I joined DND_Space AMA session as a guest speaker where we got to explore Meta Pool’s role in a multi-chain world.