MarComm Q3 OKRs Bi-weekly Reporting: Aug 09

:wave: MarComm team and Community members,

I am happy to share our agreed Objectives and Key Results our team will be reporting progress on to the NF:

1: Grow the power of the NEAR of Communities by 30%
KR:1.1 Total Power Rating of the Guild Community grows by 30%
KR:1.2 Total Power Rating of the Social community grows by 30%

2. Channel the Community Force to build momentum and support projects building on NEAR
KR:2.1 Generate 15 new leads of projects handed off to the ES team
KR:2.2 Successfully Swarmed Projects by achieving NPS >30 (on a +/- 100)
KR:2.3 At least 1 project on NEAR has brought in >100k new users

3. Drive adoption of NEAR via community-driven apps
KR:3.1 Ship Astro (Sputnik V2) to 20 communities
KR3.2 Implement the first wave of communities-on-chain (5000 members)

Starting this week, our #weekly-updates will be posted based on these Key Results, in addition to regular use of funds from CommunitySquadDAO, MarketingDAO, and CreativesDAOs.

Thanks to team mebers for all your input and individual effort to reach a consensus as a team. I look forward to this process being decentralized and our community taking active participation in setting the objectives in the future.
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