Ready for 2022 Q1 Objectives and Results... This is why we are here!

:star_struck: :rocket:Hello Community,

We are happy to share with you the objectives and key results we are aiming to achieve during Q1.
We looked at 2022 and mapped out a number of initiatives that will pave the way to:

  • Scale and expand our reach

  • Improve our community members’ journey into the NEAR Ecosystem

  • Introduce higher levels of decentralization

  • Empower Guild members to become Councils of Community-driven DAOs

  • Propel the growth of Communities in the Ecosystem

  • Encourage the organization of NEAR Meet around the world

  • Ramp up the NEAR Wiki with information, guidance, and best practices that help equip our Community to drive meaningful value to our ecosystem

Q1 2022 Objective (preliminary) Key Result/ Metric DRI
1 [GROWTH] Expanded Community Growth across the Ecosystem:
TL: Shreyas
KR1.1: Onboard 6000 monthly active members on the Guild’s Platform) Jessica
KR 1.2: Support the growth of the 3 NEAR projects’ Telegram Communities. Target 20% JC
KR1.3: Top of the funnel leads that convert into NEAR Community contributors. Target 8% Jessica
KR 1.4: Growth on all community channels. Target 25% JC
2 [ONBOARDING/ACTIVATION] Expanded Onboarding pathways for new community members to join Guilds and become active contributors
TL: Rebecca
KR 2.1: Assess the Onboarding experience of new contributors. Target NPS 8+ JC
KR 2.2: Guilds are active council members and Ecosystem contributors. Target 20% James
KR 2.3: Global events reach 5,000 participants Olga
KR 2.4: Guilds have a full self-service Wiki guidance David

Are you ready to do this with us? :smiley:


Amen ! :pray: :100: :rocket:

All together we can do it ! Yes !

Cheers on that :beers:

The most important point for me.

Can help to David with Marketing DAO guidance on Near Wiki and some other pages.

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thats an awesome road map, it require serious hard work to achieve it.