Community Team: Week of Dec 20, 2021 (short week)

:christmas_island: Looking Forward to get into the Holiday spirit very soon. We have only a few days to wrap up our Q4 and finish preparing the grounds for Q1.

:partying_face: As you all know NEAR will close for the holidays (from Dec 24 to Jan 3) :christmas_tree:

Before we get there, let’s prioritize a few things:

  • Closing Q4 OKRs, all KR owners (@shreyas @Jessica @jcatnear @mecsbecs @jlwaugh @olpl @David_NEAR ) please share a summarised report of your progress and your final deliverable (use bi-weekly reporting template)
    -Indicate what was the deliverable, provide background, what problem was this solving?
    -What were the components required to complete the desired goal
    -How progress was measured
    -What were the challenges
    -What is the final ‘outcome’ / Is the KR: Complete/Partially complete/broken
    -How do you see the KR evolving in 2022

Feel free to expand in your own google doc and link it to the deck with just a short summary on the slide.

  • Capture Contributors feedback for the proposed DAO Structure (Dec21 AMA)
  • Be available to answers questions on Guild’s Tiering proposal (discuss next steps)
  • Assess the metrics we can use to measure DRAFT Q1 2022 OKRs (define what is feasible and what is not)**
  • Participate in our Project Management Team Session: get acquainted with project management principles to agile and adopt a new way to quarterly OKRs planning and tracking (Tue-Dec21)
  • Conduct team coaching sessions.

Ambitious but doable :rocket: :muscle: Let’s do this!



  • New payout process - thanks to the details provided by Sonja on Friday - effective Jan. 1 published by EOW :warning:

    • draft Forum post today - done
    • gather team feedback by Wednesday latest - done
    • @Grace post Thursday latest - delayed until we’re back in Jan.
  • Close Q4 OKRs as specified above in time for the OKR review meeting on Wednesday - done

  • Lattice coaching sessions 1:1 with @David_NEAR (tomorrow) & @jlwaugh (Thursday) - done

  • Lead drafting of the 2022 6-month roadmap - in progress until we’re back in Jan!

Also posted our holiday notice and 2021 Q4 wrap-up: Community Team - End of Q4 2021 Wrap-up - team holidays Dec. 24 - Jan. 3



  • Wrap up first phase and iron out bugs + feature requests of guilds on chain platform with the dev team. Sneak peek
  • Sync with Astro team on guilds platform.
  • Team coaching session
  • Q4 OKR review
  • New Guild onboarding


  • Record a round-up for the OKR meeting which I can’t attend on 22/12

  • Address all MarketingDAO proposals before breaking up

:warning: I’m OOO as of the 22nd, so a little shorter list this week

  • Meet up with all 16 moderators before going on holiday break to assign out remaining tasks

  • Research on a calendar widget and task management widget tool for Discord.

  • Run the Calendly trial with all 16 moderators

  • Last batch of Guild Leaders Onboarding

  • Planning out the 6-month roadmap for the Concierge initiative

(OOO from the 23rd until January 3)



  • NEAR Meet
  • ETHDenver
  • Governauts


  • Swarming - Swarming model is outlined, can be implemented in Q1 2022 with further improvement. :white_check_mark:

  • Closing Q4 OKRs - prepare a summarised report of the progress and final deliverable. :white_check_mark:


  • Participate in the Project Management Team Session - Tue-Dec21 :white_check_mark:
  • Lettice coaching session w/ @Grace :white_check_mark:


  • Analysis and synthesis of user interviews, summarise and produce actions points.
  • Create sheet of UTM tracking links needed for onboarding touchpoints (website) with @jcatnear
  • Wrap up any pending copper/guilds onboarding requests before xmas week.
  • coordinate first release of guilds blogs + social media promotion with ops team+ @jcatnear


  • Lattice session with Shreyas