Quick contract - Guilds Q2 survey data analysis work

I am happy to announce that the Q2 Guilds Survey / Ecosystem Survey results have been turned into usable and presentable visual representations, and data insights have been extracted for the development of the baseline metrics for MarCom’s NPS index and Guilds Program-specific next steps for Q3 and Q4! The high-level insights and takeaways will be presented here on the Forum under the Guilds subcategory (cc: @shreyas) in the coming days.

As @Grace outlined in MarComm Q3 OKRs Bi-weekly Reporting: Aug 09, the NPS index and Guilds initiatives will provide the quantifiable metrics that make up what we’re referring to as the “Total Power Rating of the Guild Community.” These survey results are the foundation for our OKR Reporting in our first Q3 objective to grow the power of NEAR Communities.

As this work was rushed over the course of 48 hours by a trusted personal contact - instead of say a data analytics company over a period of several weeks - to meet this urgent need:

I am requesting 150 NEAR be given as compensation for this swift project contract.

Target address: annabellec.near


Here is the result of this individual’s work: Guilds Q2 Survey Results

Good morning everyone!

Dear @mecsbecs

  1. Who is annabellec.near?; Probably, you created this account 13 days ago

  1. How did You choose her for the survey data analysis?
  2. She got ~ $750. How did you determinate the amount (150 N)?

Dear @Grace you also approved this payroll request. Did you ask any questions?

Dear @shreyas I think as a head of guilds You can do it for free as part of your work responsibilities.

Have a great day guys!

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Hey @Dacha - now that we seem to be having the same conversation in two different places, the post above contains the answers to the questions you’re asking here again and I’ve also elaborated on several points on the other post where you first posed these questions: Guilds Q2 Survey Results - #8 by mecsbecs

The individual who completed this quick contract gig (annabellec.near) is new to the NEAR ecosystem because she is, as I state above, a trusted personal contact with the skill set needed for this work as a recent MBA graduate and someone with a data analysis background.

If you have any concerns or issues with the amount paid for this work, please understand that the standard hourly wage for data analysis work (which is what this was) in Canada where this contractor is based is on average CAD $34/hour (source). This rate was increased to ~$50/hour because of the 48-hour deadline for the work. When the payout went through almost two weeks ago this was valued at 150N.

In the other thread you express doubt as to what I meant by “specific skill set” because of your view of the front end of the survey as hosted by Typeform. Analysis of both qualitative and quantitative information in a cohesive manner for the Guilds Management Crew to then able to respond to in order to help form our next steps for the remainder of Q3 and the beginning of Q4 (elaborated upon in the video we posted, which I’m sure you’ve already watched) requires much more than a working knowledge of PowerPoint. This is a whole other job data analysts are hired to do and which I know I and my colleagues are not qualified to do.

Your investigative efforts into the responsible allocation of the Community Fund are admirable and as someone with access to the back-end of these projects, I am willing to elaborate as much as I am able so you feel comforted that there is as little waste as possible in how funding is being disseminated. Please also trust, however, that funding is not being spent frivolously here and my colleagues and I have only so much capacity and capability to carry out this kind of work ourselves. We are not data analysts, but we will work with the data collected and the insights gleaned by others in order to do our community building and support work to the best of our ability. If you’re willing to assist in these endeavours because you possess a data analyst or data science background yourself, do let me know. There is no shortage of work to do.