[April] Pawn Protocol: looking for community builder

Hi Sandboxers and NEARians,

We are excited to invite you to the collaboration with Pawn Protocol!

Brief Description of Project

Pawn protocol provides the infrastructure for NFT P2P Lending platforms. It contains smart contracts and Back End APIs that allow other DApps to build on top and operate without developing everything from scratch

Find out more on the project’s social networks:

Brief Description of Project Opportunity

Pawn Protocol is looking for a discord mod and Twitter growth hacker. The candidate will help grow a community around Pawn Protocol.
The task requires part-time work with daily activities - 2-3 hours


  • Provide schedules of topics for Twitter weekly
  • Grow community on Twitter, communicate with the public
  • Managing Discord community on a day-to-day basis
  • Answering member questions/inquiries on time
  • Send updates/announcements
  • Help to engage people to the project

Required Skills

  • English fluency
  • Knowledgable about blockchain: DAOs, AMMs, DEXs, DeFi services
  • Experience creating, configuring and moderating multiple Discord servers
  • Creating/configuring bots (Collab.Land, MEE6, Giveaway, Server Stats, Invite Tracker, Dyno, Tip.cc, etc.)
  • Experience managing multiple large communities on Discord (100+ members each)
  • Experience in Twitter management

Favourable Skills

  • Vietnamese language


40 - 60 NEAR

The reward will be discussed with the successful candidate depends on the scope



Next steps for you!

Are you interested in the project? Find it on our Project Dashboard and apply for it through there: Projects Dashboard
Publishing on the website usually takes some time. If you can’t find the opportunity on the dashboard, just apply through the application form with mention of the project name

Have a nice day,
OWS team


@AnaNastya please check DM