[Launchment] Nativo Token is here! $NTV - Big multipliers on August

Hi NEAR Family! :partying_face:

We’re excited to announce Nativo token is now on mainnet and 100% available to everyone!

But… What’s the $NTV token?

$NTV token is the governance token that allows its owners to participate in taking decisions about next steps with Nativo DAO and Nativo NFT :slight_smile:

How $NTV token works?

$NTV is a FT of type deflationary, having a max supply of 100,000,000 $NTV tokens that will be distributed to the community. $NTV empowers community giving governance over Nativo NFT. The initial farming started on July 21th. At the same time it has 3 months of lock period for token holders after initial launchment (July 21th) until October 21th.

How can you get $NTV tokens?

You can get $NTV tokens very easy! just buy and sell NFT’s on Nativo NFT (Coming soon also on auctions and loans on nativo)

The number of $NTV tokens that you will receive will be x3 the NFT token value until the end of july, 2022.

Big $NTV rewards multiplier (x9) During August

The current farming allows a x3 multiplier of $NTV every time an NFT is sold, for both buyer and seller. Now, you will receive a x9 reward.

This means that for every NEAR you paid for an NFT you will receive x9 $NTV tokens.
x9 on August, 2022. :wink:

Price paid for NFT Multiplier $NTV received by the buyer of the NFT $NTV received by the seller of the NFT
3 NEAR x9 27 27
4 NEAR x9 36 36
5 NEAR x9 45 45
6 NEAR x9 54 54

How can I add $NTV tokens to my wallet?

You need to add manually the tokens to your wallet. At the bottom of the page there is a “Add my NTV’s to my wallet” button.

This will execute a transaction that will fail, but it’s okay… after this you $NTV tokens will be showing on your wallet.

Join our community

Follow us on Discord (look for interntional channel) and Twitter.

Come to Nativo NFT https://nativonft.app/ and start getting your $NTV tokens!


Take the opportunity! Native tokens support artists and collectors to become part of the Nativo NFT project :heart:


I got my first $NTV’s and ill buy more to be part of the Nativo Community :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :star_struck:


I already have my first native tokens, delighted to be part of the community :star_struck:

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This will help the community to decide on the future of Nativo NFT, it’s a good opportunity for us as users and for the artists to feel included in the project.


This is very interesting, because thanks to this token the community will be able to participate in future decisions made in these projects, not to mention the simple way to obtain these tokens such as buying or selling in Nativo NFT.


Heey! I think this is a great opportunity to get your NTV Tokens and if the only thing that I need to do is buying and selling it’s better… I already got my first token :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I bought my first NFTs and got some NTV tokens, can’t wait to see how this will grow! :nerd_face:

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Great Job! I will buy my first Nativo NFT.

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x9? Interesting and very good opportunity.

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Amazing!!:heart_eyes: Very good things are coming for the community with this Nativo Token $NTV proposal​:rocket::rocket:

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