[Bounty] NFT Art Contest 2022 - End of Year/Christmas ☃️

:art: :snowman_with_snow: ¡Good morning Nativo family!

How’s it going on? Now we’re back with a new art contest of Nativo.art where you can participate to win one $50 USDT.e and 25,000 NTV Tokens!

:christmas_tree: End of Year Holidays are celebrated in a wide variety of forms around the world. Christmas, Hanukkah, Christian Nativity, New Year, Santa Claus, KFC for Christmas Dinner in Japan, St. Lucia’s Day in Sweden, etcetera.

:artist: This art contest is promoting the creation of unique pieces of digital collectibles as a form to share the cultural heritage over EoY celebrations around the world.

:interrobang: How can I participate? Very easy! Just follow the next steps:

  1. Mint an artistic work related to End of Year celebrations on site Nativo.art.
    Link → https://www.nativo.art/

  2. Put your NFT on sale → https://www.nativo.art/

  3. Follow @NativoNFT on Twitter.

  4. Post an image of your minted artistic work, the url to the detail of your NFT and a little description about your work in this thread.

  5. Post your work on twitter using the hashtag #NativoArt

Invite all your friends to support you and that’s it! following these simple steps you will be participating to win!

The winners will be the 4 best artistic work and will receive a prize of:

:1st_place_medal: First place:

  • 25,000 NTV Token
  • $50 USDT.e

:2nd_place_medal: Second place:

  • 10,000 NTV Token

:3rd_place_medal: Third and fourth place:

  • 5,000 NTV Token

This contest will end on January 2nd and the winners will be announced on social networks of nativo.art

Links to out social media to questions and comments:

Twitter → https://twitter.com/nativonft

Discord → https://discord.gg/Wfe5vh3qYQ


Please make sure your artistic work it’s 100% of your authorship, remember you can participate with more than 1 piece. Also remember to use the account where the prizes will be distributed


  • Who can participate?

On this contest everyone can participate (artists, people in general), just need to follow the steps and automatically you will be participating

  • How will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be chosen by a jury composed by artists and collectors, considering the best artistic work done.

  • Can a single artist win 2 awards?

An artist can be a winner ONE single time. but can participate with more than 1 artistic work (NFT).

  • Can I mint múltiple artistic work (NFTs)?

Of course! You can participate with all the artistic works you want, but remember just one artistic work by the artist can win.

Good luck everyone! and happy hollidays :snowflake:


It was a great year of work for Nativo NFT, congratulations on this new initiative. I am delighted to see the new mintings :christmas_tree: :christmas_island:


Hey I’m excited to see amazing work from artists! :heart:

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Christmas-New Year is a great season and I believe that good art can come out of this.
Good luck to all the participants :smiley:

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A beautiful Christmas scenery at the end of the year in Switzerland.

Nativo NFT Marketplace for NEAR NFT and Creators and Artists

wallet: stunter31.near

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Token ID: 654

Artwork url:Nativo NFT Marketplace for NEAR NFT and Creators and Artists


Description:It’s beginning to look like Christmas, presents wrapped, fireplace lit,. A lovely afternoon

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Token id: 655
Artwork url : Nativo NFT Marketplace for NEAR NFT and Creators and Artists
Wallet : tepixelize7.near
Description : christmas portrait


wallet: rubenzmart.near
NFT link: Nativo NFT Marketplace for NEAR NFT and Creators and Artists
Description: Ever since I was a kid, I have been hearing about this legend about Santa. There are different versions of Santa, but what if Santa is an Elf?


My submission

Where I’m from, Christmas is celebrated in many special ways. One of the ones I love most is sharing food with the neighbors. Everyone wears their new clothes and takes food to the neighborhood as a way to extend love.

Wallet: eliaszinas.near


** Token ID: ** 689
Christmas Queen
Nativo Link: Nativo NFT Marketplace for NEAR NFT and Creators and Artists

Tweet: https://twitter.com/louietism_near/status/1609900221953347584?t=_9Kujjzjbt7JLyKbRWCHEw&s=19

Near Id: louietism.near
Description: The Queen is to celebrate Christmas this holiday


Thanks everybody for participating!

Judges are making their work to bring winners as soon as possible :smile:

Happy New Year :partying_face:



Thanks to all the participants, we now have winners. :medal_sports:

We want to make some considerations:

  • Due to low participation we are limiting the prizes as follows:
  1. Place: 15,000 $NTV token + $50 USDT.e
  2. Place: 5,000 $NTV token
  • 3rd and 4th will not get any prize.
  • Evaluation of pieces were made by judges with knowledge on art and NFTs.
  • During 2023 the art contest will evolve into a more detailed and highest quality art contest. We expect to have allied universities and art institues involded. News coming soon.

The winner of the first place is for Christmas Time in Switzerland

The second place is for ** It’s a little cozy**

The team will soon get in touch to assign prizes.

Here our blog in spanish about this: Ganadores del concurso de arte de Navidad 🎄 - Nativo.art | Blog

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Right now people just generate art with AI and win bounties with no real effort put in and no quality.
I thought the judging was based on the creativity, uniqueness, and originality of the art.
Congrats to the winners but that’s not satisfactory.


Yes, we totally understand this point.

Part of the improvements made for coming art contests would be on this.

Soon more news will coming about this.


Congratulations to the winners

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