[Bounty] Looking for beta testers for Nativo NFT V2 🚨

Hello community! :raising_hand_man:

The development team of #nativonft is opening a new period of beta testing for its version 2, previous to its official launchment on mainnet. :art:

How can I be a beta tester?

You should follow this steps:

What you can test?
:white_check_mark: Minting a new token.
:white_check_mark: Put a token on sale.
:white_check_mark: Sell a token and look for royalties at your NEAR Wallet.
:white_check_mark: Buy a token.
:white_check_mark: Put a token in auction.
:white_check_mark: Bid in an auction.
:white_check_mark: Show your NFT’s in NEAR Wallet.

In case you have any question you can write us directly in the Discord server of Nativo NFT.

If somebody finds a bug send the information to the google form: https://forms.gle/HuGe4a2ktBhk7QXX8

Rewards for bug hunting bounty:
For all the beta testers that help us finding relevant bugs in this and next beta tests will be awarded! In a couple of months it’s planned to be launched the Nativo governance token ($NTV) and the bug hunters will receive an amount of this in rewards.

And soon, more news will come about the NFT β€œBug Hunter” for contributors in beta test :wink:

Thanks in advance for all the support! See you in Nativo NFT! :grin:


if i test and don’t find nothing, how you understand about my work?

@johanga we are currently rewarding the Bug Hunters during beta test.

There would be coming updates where you can keep doing bug hunting and looking for being rewarded. :slightly_smiling_face: