Key Ecosystem Metrics and Analytics Weekly Update September 7

Time: August 29 - September 6

:chains: NEAR Explorer Stats

:bar_chart: NEAR Ecosystem Scoreboard

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Executive Summary/Key Insights

  • We reached a historical high in our Monthly Active Developer(Internal/CLI measure)! Showing that developers are actively engaging and developing in the hackathon.
  • We reached a new high in weekly active accounts! 128% more than last week! From transaction and dapp data as well as recent launches and news, we can conclude this as a sign of vibrant DeFi activities on NEAR.
  • Search Engine directed traffic continued to increase, showing our mass marketing efforts are effective and that people learn the NEAR name and search for NEAR.
  • NEAR price continued to go up and helped bring traffic and engagement in the ecosystem from both account number and transaction activities.

Key Efforts Last weeks

Many of these are key contributing factors to the data changes last week

Sep 1

  • Etherscan will launch on Aurora

Sep 2

  • NEAREdu Open House at MetaBUIDL Hackathon

Sep 3

  • NEAR giveaway by NEARWEEK and AwesomeNEAR
  • Introduce NEAR University
  • Meme Contest by NEAR Meme Daily and Open Web Sandbox
  • Band Protocol announced partnership with NEAR for MetaBUIDL Hackathon

Sep 6

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Top Line Metrics

All about the MAD (Monthly Active Developer)

MAD Internal (based on CLI data in the last 30 days)

Monthly active developer continued to increase to a historical new high of 800. This is a direct result of the hackathon and showing that more and and more developers are actively developing and engaging.

Accounts and more

Daily Number of New Accounts

Daily new accounts maintained at a high level of around 25k most of last week.

From the referral source breakdown, we can see that google ranked first with undefined followed, and and skyward ranked the 3rd and 4th. This shows that the impact of DeFi on NEAR was one of the main reasons for the account creation growth and also that people know NEAR’s name here and there to search for NEAR wallet.

Transactions, Txs, Txs

Daily Number of Transactions

Daily transaction number maintained at a 350k per day level last week.

From the breakdown, we can see that nearcrowd, near contract, paras,, skyward, and bridge contributed most of the transactions throughout the week. This is another evidence of the active DeFi market on NEAR.

Overall Ecosystem

Note: The percentages next to the numbers are the comparisons to pervious week(7 days ago), with green showing increase and red showing decrease.

Important Contributing Metrics Dive

Daily New Developers

From CLI

New developers continued to come in everyday, having slight decrease from the start of the hackathon.

Weekly Active Developer Internal & Weekly Active Dev-deploy/Deploy

From CLI data in the last 30 days Weekly

Weekly active developer and dev-deploy/deploy rose to the level of 300 and 175 respectively, a new high in the recent months, another strong indicator of the active development activities. Top of Funnel Traffic Snapshot

Overall, the traffic had another increase last week with around 20% increase compared to previous week.

From country breakdown, we can see that traffic from Poland experienced a 812% increase in the previous week, huge props to the Guild in the area and the team working on promoting NEAR in the area.

From the source breakdown, we can see that Paras Linkdrop campaign resulted in ranking as the 3rd in referral source last week, showing that the campaign was successful in getting people’s attention and directing them to

In addition, the traffic from search engine, google and bing both increased by a large amount of users and percentages, showing that people are again searching for near and got to our landing page.

However, with the traffic from coinmarketcap and coingecko decreased comparatively, we can say that token interest driven visitors was not as large as a component in last week’s traffic, however, considering the increase of NEAR price, the influence can definitely be very considerable.

NEAR Price in the last 30 Days

NEAR price increased to historical high recently to over $7.


How do we conclude that the traffic coming from is due to DeFi?

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Thank you for the question.
We have searched google trends in understanding what people search when they find NEAR, and most of them directly searches the NEAR name, so the possibility here is from recent events and news, which are hackathon, price, and DeFi. We are in the process of setup more detailed google search keyword data.
What I mentioned above on the impact of DeFi on NEAR is based on these following reasons:

  1. and skyward never ranked this high in the past weeks, and this increase in their ranking shows the increase impact of the two, and the DeFi landscape on NEAR, combining with all the recent news and launches of DeFi at NEAR.
  2. From the below image, on the FT user chart at the very bottom, we can see that the number of users using FT skyrocketed in the past week. This correlates to the time frame we are looking at in this report and matches the performances of account creations. Therefore, we can speculate that many users searched for NEAR, created accounts and interacted with FT on NEAR, which shows the activity of DeFi landscape.

There are definitely some data gaps currently that we are trying to fix, and news and information are very scattered, therefore, the conclusions are drawn from both looking at the data and experiences of looking at historical data. So we definitely welcome more discussions and thoughts.

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