Key Ecosystem Metrics and Analytics Weekly Update September 13

Time: September 6 - September 12

:chains: NEAR Explorer Stats

:bar_chart: NEAR Ecosystem Scoreboard

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Executive Summary/Key Insights

  • NEAR Token increased by over 40% at the beginning of last week where the market was down by 20% and also reaches NEAR historical high of over $11. This brought in a large amount of account creation and traffic, especially from those who just learned about NEAR for the first time.
  • MetaBUIDL Hackathon continued to bring new developers to the community and increased engagement in terms of the dev-deploy/deploy measure. Monthly/Weekly active developer number reaches all time high yet again from last week’s top point.
  • Daily transaction numbers performed on a stable level of increase trend with main contracts contributing ranging across DeFi, bridge, NFTs, and gaming, showcasing the capability of NEAR technology in empowering all kinds of applications.

Key Efforts Last weeks

Many of these are key contributing factors to the data changes last week

Sep 7

Sep 8

Sep 9

Sep 11

  • Deadline for MetaBUIDL Hackathon extended to September 19th

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Top Line Metrics

All about the MAD (Monthly Active Developer)

MAD Internal (based on CLI data in the last 30 days)

Monthly Active Developers continued to increase at 10% week over week and reached another all time high of 900 developers. This is again because of the recent hackathon that has successfully spiked the developer engagement on NEAR.

Accounts and more

Daily Number of New Accounts

Daily new accounts increased from previous week to a daily level of 27k.

From the breakdown below, we can see that referral from ref increased from the 700 in last week, traffic increased from the 200 last week, and telegram referral increased from 80 last week. Though direct search engine data suggests people were directly searching for keywords such as near, near account, or near wallet, we can get a sense of the increased DeFi influence from ref referral traffic, increased token influence from referral as well as increased community engagement from telegram.

Transactions, Txs, Txs

Daily Number of Transactions

Daily transactions last week were around 330k on average last week.

From the contracts breakdown, we can see that nearcrowd,, berryclub, and bridge and paras were the most trending ones last week, showing that NEAR is capable of supporting different kinds of applications on top.

Overall Ecosystem

  • Note: The percentages next to the numbers are the comparisons to pervious week(7 days ago), with green showing increase and red showing decrease.

Important Contributing Metrics Dive

Daily New Developers

From CLI

New developers came in last week at the level of 35 daily last week, higher than our previous average in a week, continuing to show the effectiveness of attracting new developers to the ongoing hackathon.

Weekly Active Developer Internal & Weekly Active Dev-deploy/Deploy

From CLI data in the last 30 days Weekly

Weekly active developer and dev-deploy/deploy increased all the way last week to a historical high of 350 by Sunday. This shows that with the deadline of the hackathon approaching, the level of developer engagement increases further, showing that extending the deadline of hackathon submission was a right choice. Top of Funnel Traffic Snapshot

Overall, the traffic had another increase last week by 147% with a 167% increase of new users. This shows that almost all traffic to last week was new visitors who learned about NEAR and looked us up for the first time.

From the country breakdown, we can see that Asia leads the way in terms of both users and percentage increase with the US and UK following right after.

From the source breakdown, we can see that coinmarketcap and coingecko both had over 200% increase from their already large amount of referrals. In addition, both google, direct and twitter traffic increased by over 100%, showing that there are buzz around NEAR that gets people to search, or saw NEAR on twitter and land on NEAR.

Noticeably, Paras linkdrop campaign was also able to attract over 3000 users to land on after the claiming of the linkdrop, showing the effectiveness of this campaign and the amount of traction and interest of Paras.

NEAR Price in the last 30 Days

NEAR price increased to another historical high at the start of last week to over $11.