Key Ecosystem Metrics and Analytics Weekly Updates Oct 25

Oct 10 - Oct 24

Executive Summary/Key Insights

  • MAD passed 1000!!! This shows that recent announcement of the partnerships, grants and events were able to attract real developer attention and engagements.
  • DeFi landscape at NEAR has been more and more active as indicated by the top active contracts and top account creation referral dapps, and predicted to increase more with the recent announcement of the DeFi grant with Proximity.
  • Traffic from countries outside of Asia increased significantly in the past two weeks, especially US, Russia and UK. This shows that we are able to attract more attention more evenly around the world.

Key Efforts Last weeks

Many of these are key contributing factors to the data changes last week

Oct 11

  • Astro DAO

Oct 12

  • Astro DAO Launch AMA
  • NEAR has been nominated best blockchain technology award 2021

Oct 13

  • AllBridge partnership with NEAR

Oct 14

Oct 15

Oct 16

Oct 19

Oct 21

Oct 22

  • Youminter received grant from NEAR

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Top Line Metrics

All about the MAD (Monthly Active Developer)

MAD Internal (based on CLI data in the last 30 days)

Monthly Active Developer passed 1000, reaching 1250! NEAR has announced multiple announcements, partnerships, and grants programs as well as NEARCON, all attracting developer attention to the ecosystem.

Accounts and more

Daily Number of New Accounts

Daily account creation level remained stable. This level of account creation is after the anti-spam upgrade of the wallet account creation process, meaning the real engagement has been increasing at a constant level.

From the breakdown below, we can see that the DeFi landscape at NEAR is active in that ref, skyward and metapool all ranked on top 15 list. In addition, is contributing over a thousand of account creation referrals from previous weeks. Bridge and Aurora also showed more activities and gained more attention.

Transactions, Txs, Txs

Daily Number of Transactions

Daily transactions maintained at the level of 200k most of previous weeks but spiked to 350k by the end of last week.

From the contracts breakdown, we can see that the spike was mostly because of the Aurora contract, showing that Bridge and EVM have been actively utilized.

Important Contributing Metrics Dive

Daily New Developers

From CLI

We have an average around 40 new developers started exploring NEAR on CLI in the past 2 weeks, a level that is higher than our previous average.

Weekly Active Developer Internal & Weekly Active Dev-deploy/Deploy

From CLI data in the last 30 days Weekly

Weekly active developer and dev-deploy/deploy increased all the way from 300 to 500 and 150 to 250 respectively. This aligns with our recent increase in MAD, again showing the recent announcements in NEAR Ecosystem was able to successfully attract developer’s attention and engagements. Top of Funnel Traffic Snapshot

The traffic increased by 22% with new users increased by 29%, showing more new users came onto in general.

From the country breakdown, we can see that traffic increases are mostly coming from Russia, United States, and UK instead of mostly Asia. This is a positive sign in NEAR attracting attention from all around the world more evenly.

From the traffic source breakdown, Google experienced a steady 28% increase, contributing to most of the traffic. In addition, we can see that a new source has popped up, In addition, because of the token price increase, traffic from coinmarketcap and coingecko also increased greatly.

NEAR Price in the last 30 Days

NEAR price increased from $7 all the way to a historical new high today in the past 2 weeks.