Validator Community Group

Introducing the Validator Community Group

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Validator Community Group, a dedicated community bringing together validators to engage in discussions and exchange ideas and concerns related to the NEAR network. Validators hold a vital role in maintaining a decentralized, secure, and efficient network.

:dart: Objectives

Our primary objective is to foster dialogue and engagement within NEAR’s validator community, ensure decentralization, and maintain a smoothly operating network. We believe that nurturing a robust community among validators is crucial for promoting the long-term stability of the NEAR ecosystem.

:bookmark_tabs: Expectations

We intend to host monthly roundtable discussion calls, inviting all validators and developers from the NEAR core team to participate. These calls will follow a free-format structure with basic moderation to encourage open discussions. The aim is to generate proposals for the Validator Work Group to review. This work group will adhere to a strict process for assessing proposals, recommending funding to DAO or NEAR grant programs, and holding grant recipients accountable.

:pencil2: Proposed Initial Topics

For the inaugural call, we propose discussing the following topics:

  • Validator Economy: Focus on existing discussions surrounding the validator economy and how to incentivize smaller validators to join the network. More information: [Research] Alternative rewards models for validators - #12 by denysk

  • pool.near (pool v2) Staking Pools: Discuss the benefits, future prospects, and ways to make pool.near staking pools attractive and acceptable for liquid staking providers.

  • Stake Wars III: Address current issues and explore future Stake Wars initiatives.

:spiral_calendar: Upcoming Calls

We’re planning the first call for April. Registration link is coming soon.

:computer: Coordination Framework

Telegram is the ideal platform for collaborating with other members. Join the Telegram group to stay updated on upcoming discussions and connect with fellow validators and developers.

:file_folder: Resources:


Very exciting I think it will be both exciting and absolutely vital for this type of engagement to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Looking forward to the first call!!