Governauts Rewards Systems Research Initiative

Hi everyone,

I’m Angela, founder of Token Engineering Academy. TE Academy is the first educational institution for this crypto-native new engineering field. Since July 2020, more than 700 students from 21 timezones participated in our programs.

I’d like to propose a collaboration with NEAR!
In November 2021, we’ll kick-off a community research initiative on Rewards Systems. The goal is to bring together 20-30 researchers from various backgrounds to work on Rewards Systems for DAOs. The work will be based on real DAO cases.

The NEAR Community Fund can be part of it! Read more below.
Thanks for your support - happy to answer an any questions! :slight_smile:

Fact Sheet

Website: TokenEngineering Academy | Token Engineering
Twitter: @tokengineering
NEAR Address: conectopia-te-academy.near
Point of Contact: akrtws / TE Academy
Category: Analyzing Community Funded DAOs on NEAR
Funding requested: $20K in NEAR (total funding ~60K, program will be co-funded by several DAOs)
ROI Metric: Grant Efficiency → Responsibility → Culture

Our Proposal in a Sentence

We will analyze data from the NEAR Community Squad DAO and other v1 Sputnik DAOs to improve NEAR Community Fund governance and inform development of a v2 Community DAO on Astro, as part of a community research initiative led by Token Engineering Academy.

The Problem We Address

Rewards Systems are a key element for DAOs to grow the ecosystem value, reward contributors and grant decision making power (governance tokens) to those who provide value to NEAR communities.

We’d like to invite NEAR to be a case partner:

  • we’ll analyse your data
  • we’ll explore the expectations of your stakeholders
  • we’ll come up with metrics to measure your reward system healthiness

Additionally, the research group will contribute to your ecosystem:

  • grow confidence in your reward system
  • provide insights on sensitivities, benefits, and value flow
  • make recommendations on how to improve your reward system
  • support crypto public goods, gain reputation, and get access to token engineering teams

Launching a Community Research Initiative

A core token engineering research team will work on NEAR research questions. Additionally, TE Academy will facilitate a community research program to onboard co-researchers to learn Token Engineering methods and apply it to a self-defined research goal and actual DAO cases.
For this initiative, we’ll collaborate with the following DAOs:

  • NEAR (as proposed here)
  • TE Commons and CommonsStack
  • Ocean DAO

Furthermore, we are in the proposal process with Gnosis Zodiac for open standards and DAO tools accessible to any DAO in the world!

Relevant Experience

TE Academy has led similar research groups with partners like Balancer, Gitcoin Grants and Ocean Protocol.

Learn more about TE Academy Research Groups here.

About the Governauts

Incubating Governauts is an initiative to establish a dedicated branch in Token Engineering focused on decentralization and governance. We organize workshops and discussions, provide a platform for collaboration and bring research programs to life with TE Academy.

Deliverables / Milestones

Category: Improvements to NEAR Community Squad DAO

:white_check_mark: Milestone 1 / End of October 2021
Core research team confirmed

:white_check_mark: Milestone 2 / End of October 2021
1-3 co-funding partners confirmed

:white_check_mark: Milestone 3 / End of November 2021
min. 20 TE Community Researchers onboarded

:white_check_mark: Milestone 4 / End of December 2021
Educational program delivered: 8 public lectures provided on topics like computer-aided governance, game design, behavioral economics, currency design, monetary theory, and token engineering

:white_check_mark: Milestone 5 / Mid January 2022
Check-in with TE Community Researchers, review research plans (NEAR Community DAO and research group)

:white_check_mark: Milestone 6 / End of February 2022
Presentation of research results

:white_check_mark: Milestone 7 / Mid March 2022
Workshop with the Community DAO team / NEAR Data Center for follow-up proposals, implementation etc.


Along with our core team below, we’ll have mentors and governance researchers on board from DAOs like Gitcoin, CommonsStack, BlockScience, TE Commons, and more.

NEAR involvement will be coordinated by James Waugh with support from NEAR Data Center Guild and other stakeholders.

Angela Kreitenweis

Role: Host, organizer
Twitter: akrtws
Discord: akrtws (TE Academy) #4246
Angela has worked in early stage startups since 2008. Between 2016 and 2018 she established venture development at innogy Innovation Hub Berlin, and in 2018 she co-founded the Token Engineering Community, which has quickly grown into a global network. The main goal is to establish a new engineering discipline for successful and sustainable cryptoeconomic systems.
In 2020, she founded TE Academy, the first educational institution for token engineering. Since its inception, more than 700 students across 21 time zones have participated in TE Academy courses. TE Academy is part of the TE Commons ecosystem to fund and grow Token Engineering public goods.


Role: Research Lead
Twitter: _liviade
Discord: liviade #1387

  • member of the Commons Stack team
  • leading the Cultural Build of the Token Engineering Commons where
  • she stewards the Soft Governance and Culture working group
  • guided by the concept of self sovereignty to nurture environments that
  • can promote individual agency in collaborative settings.
  • having a theater and performance background, Livia believes in the
  • development of everyone’s subjective expression and embodiment of intrinsic motivations as a key element for participatory decision making

Shawn Anderson

Role: Research Lead, Data Scientist
Twitter: ygg_anderson
GitHub: LinuxIsCool

  • MSc.
  • founder of Longtail Financial
  • steward of the labs at the Token Engineering Commons, and teaching
    assistant at the Token Engineering Academy
  • passionate crypto-economic entrepreneur that is applying rigorous
    data science techniques to token engineering and actively participating in the scaling of decentralized institutions for incentive alignment around sum positive economies

Andrew Penland, PhD

Role: Mentor, Educational Formats
Discord: Octopus #5508

  • Associate Professor at Western Carolina University
  • awarded with MAA Teaching Award 2021

Peter Hacker

Role: Educational Programming, Facilitation
Twitter: phacker_3
Discord: heater #9765

  • Bachelor degree in Economics and Mathematics
  • four years in eCommerce data analytics and
    business strategy
  • active TE community member (TEC, cadCAD,
    BlockScience, Commons Stack)

Jessica Zartler

Role: Educational Programming, Lectures
Twitter: jessicazartler
Discord: JessicaZartler #2263

  • Governance Researcher (BlockScience, CommonsStack, TE Commons)
  • Governauts Ground Control team member

This sounds absolutely amazing and I’m 1000000% behind it.

Looking forward to seeing the results :raised_hands:

Let’s GOvernauts (that one was a stretch)


Thanks for support David!

Let me share the Governauts channels - for everyone who’s interested in our activities around Token Engineering and Governance:
Meet the Governauts at Telegram and at events :slight_smile: !


Thank you so much, @akrtws_TE-Academy et al!

I’m excited to support the Governauts community and learn more from your team’s experience.

I’ve shared this proposal with members of the NEAR ecosystem, including the Open Web Sandbox, NEAR Data Center, Sputnik + Astro DAO communities, and other channels. Unless there are any objections, I’d suggest submitting your proposing to the Community Squad DAO here:

We greatly appreciate your feedback!


Proposal submitted - thanks @James!

We’ve made great progress towards kicking off the program:
fleshed out the session schedule, onboarded the first two partners, and a kick-off with our resaerch team.

Now, we’re opening up applications :partying_face:
We invite people from various backgrounds (social science, game design, engineering) and ofc DAOists to actively take part and work on a self-defined research question.
Learn more here: TokenEngineering Academy | Token Engineering

And for everyone reviewing our proposal: we can’t wait to add NEAR to the list of our partners! :dizzy:
See you there!


Hi everyone,

here’s an update on our project!

  • our proposal at Gnosis DAO to come on board as a partner for Rewards Systems was confirmed with 100% YES votes! :exploding_head:
  • addtionally, BOSON Protocol supports the initiative as a community partner
  • last week we’ve kicked-off the program with our community researchers

Again, we have an amazing mix of backgrounds, skills and world views. I highly recommend to watch one of our session recordings - or just drop by and listen in, here’s our session calendar.

We meet twice a week, objective in this first phase of the program is analyzing data and metrics to measure network health.
See you there!


Additionally; I’d like to invite all of you to our full-day gathering - open to the public:

on Dec 10th

Expect talks, discussions and workshops about:

  • Defining Success and measuring value add in DAOs
  • The Challenge of Rewards Systems
  • Community Evolution
  • Intrisic/Extrinsic Motivation
  • Information overload and steering activities
  • Ownership Rewards, power distribution and equal opportunitites
  • DAOs and UBI
    …plus case presentations and tools!

Confirmed speakers:
Owocki / GitcoinDAO
Liviade / TECommons
pet3rpan / MetaCartel
keikreutler / Zodiac
duartedao / TheDAOist
fifthworldzach / Coordinape

Please register here:


Dear NEAR community,
here’s an update!

Our Rewards Systems Research Initiative finished phase 1 with two major events:

a) We’ve hosted a full day of talks and discussions about DAO Rewards Systems open to the public! The recordings are available here, if you are interested in all things rewards, this is a really unique collection to binge watch over the holidays, :tv: :star2: available at the Token Engineering YouTube channel!

b) And there’s more: Our community researchers have explored the NEAR grants & tips rewards system, and came up with first analytics and metrics for system healthiness. Check out the PRESENTATIONS recording at our YouTube channel!

See you next year at Token Engineering!


Hi @akrtws_TE-Academy

It really looks as you have been working hard-and-smarter in this project

It’s amazing how you structure the objectives and how you expose the actions that you will deliver

If you need some help and find something interesting that I could submit, count with me. I’ll be glad to feedback with your expertise

Luis Aponte


Hi @LuisAponte99 thanks for your message!

Please join our next session with the Rewards Systems community researchers: Google Calendar - Sign in to Access & Edit Your Schedule

See you there! :rocket: :+1:


Hi @akrtws_TE-Academy

Thanks for the invitation

I’ll join the meeting tomorrow.


Dear awesome NEAR community,
our research teams are on the home stretch for Governauts Rewards Systems!

Make sure to mark your calendar
on Thursday, February 24, 4pm UTC

See you there!

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