[January] Legal Guild project: looking for translators: Candidates are found

Hey NEAR Community,

We are looking for translators from English to Russian, and from English to French

The reward is 25 USD per 500 words.

We are looking for 2 Russian - speaking and 2 French-speaking persons with perfect written and speaking English communication and background in translations.

Are you interested? Drop a comment below or reach out me through DM :star_struck:


Hi @AnaNastya

In #near-venezuela we have an excellent team of French-speaking collaborators that can help you with it.

@Alecaseg and @tagozz take a look!

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:

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Hi @AnaNastya
It will be a pleasure to work with you!
Ready when you are,

Aleida Castillo

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ready when you are
it will be a pleasure

Taghrid zebian


Thank you for sharing contacts!

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Always a pleasure :wink: we are working very hard to expand this community

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Hello @AnaNastya I am Beet, native English and French speaker, who is also familiar with legal jargon. I believe I’ll be well suited for this project.

Good evening everybody how do I get into the project and get the near reward.and what activities should I do to get the reward

I reach out to you @AnaNastya via dm.
Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need more details about past experiences :slight_smile:


Reward - 750 USD
Reward - 750 USD
Thank you @LilianPS for coordinating the project from the Legal Guild side