Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [Zireal#1817]

Dear Near and Sandbox people!

Thank you for this beautiful month! :partying_face:
Now we are entering the Nightshade mode, I am very happy for this!

Translation: EN to RU.

Below you can find Russian translation for Medium texts (from November):
NEAR CON День первый

NEAR CON День второй

2778 words
138,90 USD
14,90 NEAR

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Next time you are submitting your translations, please make sure you mention the original source in your post as well.

With regards to articles - a really awesome job! Good translations and thank you for working out some of the concepts further (compared to the original post), it makes readers more receptive towards the content.

Before approving, I see that you have posted your medium articles on behalf of NEAR Latvia Guild. Could you please clarify what your role is there? We want to ensure that there is no double-spending and we reward everyone in the same fair fashion (meaning that if you are already being compensated for the work done by your Guild, you should not be submitting it again to OWS).

Looking forward to your reply,

Hello, Sofia!

Thank you for your comment and regards! I am glad that you liked the translation.

  1. I mentioned original post in both articles, as well as for all articles before. And I am doing that from very beginning. Please, check the link after the name of article - this is links for original article, as you can see at photo below:

  1. One person from Latvian Guild who I knew and have communication with - is @Zhunda. He told me from very beginning in October that you were informed about my translator position and that you agreed for that. I contacted you month before, and in that moment you didn’t have any question. I don’t know what could’ve change during few months, but this situation feels inappropriate, inadequate and full of some sort of miscommunication.

Thank you.

Hey Sofia

There is no double spending.
Were good friends with @cyber_dissident (Anna) but doing something for creation of Guild Latvia shes the only person.

For now her Reward claim will go to next month payout?

As for name of Medium - we decided w @Zhunda to name it like this, so when Latvian guild will be official, this blog will be not only for translation or my personal translation blog, but also will be for guild news and information.

Hey @Zhunda @cyber_dissident !

Thanks for clarifying!

The only reason I have asked is that I did not recognize @cyber_dissident as the person @Zhunda has been referred to before (@cyber_dissident is different from “Anna” , so I did not understand it is the same individual). My apologies for that.

I will inform the team that an exception needs to be made, so you can go ahead and claim your reward for 15 NEAR.

All the best,