[intrudoction] Cameroon Artist Dao

Greetings to the WEB3 ecosystem NEAR PROTOCOL,

Am so happy to introduce a Cameroon Artist Guild,

Since I’ve been into the WEB3 ecosystem ( 29/2/2021)
Lots of people have been onboarded by me ,
From different regions or Country’s.
Am the founder of the existing Reggaedao.
With the activities that has Cary on by my team , we have created countables Near Wallet onto Near protocol.

Am a CAMEROONIAN and the first into the WEB3 ecosystem NEAR PROTOCOL.
With the little Live Events that has been Funded by the CreativesDao-councils , I’ve been Educating Cameroonians about NEAR PROTOCOL and the WEB3 ecosystem.

Am planning to take this to another levels like going to universities, Creating Events with other Activities that would help us spread The word all over the country.

With the little Cameroonians that has been onboarded already (my Team) we are opening a Regional DAO, ( CAMEROON ARTIST DAO) this will be a means to educate and onboard the people in CAMEROON.

We are pleading for this opportunity so we can get to our Goals,


Our Goals is to onboard New members the WEB3 ecosystem.

Facilitate minting of NFTs in the region.

Enable more people to create thier own DAO and Spread the word of NEAR.

Facilitate the Spread of NEAR Awareness in that region and Education.

Source for people who can intergrate Music, Graphics and other forms of ART into creation of New dApps .

To achieve the above, we shall focus on creation of Music NFTS , Converting the existing music into NFT,
Onboarding web2 ARTs into WEB3 ,
Creation of Digital ARTs, with EVENTs.
University Conference.
Cultural Festival.
In the area of :-

I. Music
iv.Games .

Who we are

We are individual Cameroonians/Arts/Culture.
Merging to form a DAO in CAMEROON and Spread the word of NEAR with the interest of Media, Education, and Trading.


The whole of CAMEROON (country)
Is 27.2 million. and it’s our desire to onboard New members from these numbers by targeting higher institutions in the state and currently we have about 18 higher institutions of learning in the Country and these are our working ground or working places I.e. place from which we intend to onboard PEOPLE.

WE WE LOOK OUT, work with and Onboard the following People:

  1. Creative in the field of music
    People such as musician, Actors, graphics designers, videographers, Cultural Dancers, Trainers and managers ECT. would be Onboarded and intergrated to the Online Community.

2.Professionals in the field of:
There’s a need of professional teachers or educators to break down certain aspects of the NEAR Ecosystem in simple words for better understanding.

PURPOSE: to spread the NEAR Education in the various field of life, not just Arts alone.

  1. Creatives of software development:
    There’s need to create more apps related to NEAR Ecosystem and one of the aims of this DAO is to collaborate with developers to bring engaging and simple game to the NEAR Community
    Users can connect thier wallets to the apps
    Play game and win tokens in the long run.


Still working on our website and more.

We are working on our first activities so we can onboard more members into our telegram chat,

Before we continue would love to talk more about this Country ( Cameroon).

CAMEROON officially the Republic of Cameroon ( French: Republic du Cameroun ) , is a country in West-Central Africa. It shares boundaries with Nigeria and more ,

CAMEROON is a French and English Speaking ( Balingual)

The country’s name is derived from Rio did Camaroes ( River of Prawns’')-------the name given to the Wouri River estuary by Portuguese explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries. Camaroes was also used to designate the river’s neighbouring mountains. Until the late 19th century, English usage confined the term “the Cameroons” to the mountains, while the estuary was called the Cameroons River or Locally, the Bay . In 1884 the Germans extended the word Kamerun to thier entire Protectorate , which legaly Coresponded or to the present State.


CAMEROON is a triangular in shape and is bordered by Nigeria to the northwest, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the East, the Republic of Congo to the southeast, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the South and the Atlantic Ocean to the Southwest.

The central region extends east from the western highlands and from the Sanaga River North to the Benue River. The land rise progressively to the north and includes the Adamawa plateau, with elevations between 2,450 and 4,450 feet ( 759 and 1,350 metres).

To create event were NEAR Education can be spread en masse.

To Onboard Creatives and Educators who have made name for themselves into the NEAR Ecosystem and intereste them into the NEAR Community.

To Facilitate minting of NFTS in NEAR affiliate dApps.

To encourage DAO to DAO Collaborations which is not limited to online collaborations only but also real life Events.

To Onboard functioning and active Users over…18 higher institutions within the Country.

To Establish a NEAR resources centre in the Country which would serve as an avenue for NEAR Education and Onboarding.

To Encourage development and Creation of dApps in the field of Music, Books, and Education which would keep the NEAR Communities engaged, active and interesting.

To be source of funding to individuals who’s project add meaningful contribution the NEAR Ecosystem.

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Telegram chat :- Telegram: Join Group Chat