Info Team 2022 Resolutions - open to feedback!

Info Team New Year Resolutions

Hello Nearians! Your Info Team, in our first quarter of existence, worked away with the rest of our NF Community Team colleagues to end 2021 with clearer/new processes, plans for better organization (on this Forum and on the Wiki), and more support for the Community.

And we’re back, refreshed and ready, to share what we’re planning on working toward in this NEAR-year of 2022. We hope you’ll let us know your thoughts and feedback about what we’re aiming to do with regards to information access, knowledge empowerment, and resource development in the Community.

In no particular order, in 2022, we resolve as a team to work toward a/an/the:

  • Achievement of Phase ∞ on the Governance Forum Revamp Plan
  • Governauts Research Initiative next phase (Feb-Dec. 2022) + facilitating Governance DAOs discussions and the development of a Community Meta Governance Plan draft
  • Improved Governance Forum moderation: dedicated tooling, expanded admins, clarified moderator process, Community Guidelines expanded, and actualized engaged mods
  • Incubation pipeline for projects looking for under USD $10K in resources, mentorship, milestone development support in collaboration with other NF teams and key community partners - NEW
  • Legally compliant funding process running smoothly across all NEAR Foundation funding arms, including into the Community - NEW
  • NEAR Community Events Platform building on NEAR (including its own Wiki page and calendar) - NEW
  • NEAR Wiki fully outfitted with evergreen content and content updates in the hands of the Community
  • Next steps for the NEAR Meet initiative so it’s supporting 100 Guilds running monthly events globally
  • Open Web / Astro DAO / DAOversity Hackathon support - if there’s a Hackathon about DAOs and/or the Open Web, we want to help! - NEW
  • Packaged suite of Community Info resources (NEAR Pulse, Wiki/, Community Events, DAOStats, Dev Console, etc.) - NEW
  • Publication of a Community Deck clarifying Community Team offerings and operations, funding processes, community member journey pathways, and direction to key resources for NEAR community leaders and managers - NEW
  • Video Content Production: featuring regular thematic educational and personal video programming offered in a presentation style (starting with #NearFi / #NeFi / #DaveFi) - NEW

Ultimately, we want to help have enough in place in the community so that we veer from “where” questions to “how” and “why” discussion points within the community.

These resolutions for the whole year are the hoped-for endpoints and we look forward to publicizing our road map with the rest of the Community Team (when it’s ready) with the milestones to achieve these outlined desired outcomes.

If any of the above ‘resolutions’ jump out at you or are already items you’re working toward and/or building, let us know! We’d love to collaborate with you.


Rebecca, @David_NEAR @jlwaugh & @chronear


Thank you for this post @mecsbecs, here’s a short Loom video introducing myself and my role in the incredible Info Team!