[Introduction / Position] muti agency - booking assistant

muti works will all kinds of arts and wants to ease out the life of artists. Therefore we will start our booking agency slowly in May & June.

We are looking for a booking assistant who will help us achieve this goal by establishing the first contact to cultural institutions and venues based in Portugal. We do have a data bank with contacts to be contacted too.


  • Portuguese & English speaking
  • Availability: 10 hrs./month for now
  • Well organized and communicative
  • Aware of muti’s goals and
  • Preferably experienced in working in the cultural field

For the first month we will reward with 100 USD & a % if a gig with one of our artists has been confirmed.

For questions regarding this position feel free to join our TG :rocket:


I started with muti as a booking agent in May and contacted 4 venues. I have also been translating and creating draft emails and monitoring them.

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Thank you! Help has been greatly appreciated. We worked on more emails and sent out proposals to locations showcasing our artists. Payout request to our astro dao can be done :slight_smile:

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Just giving a little update from muti side.
As July & August the booking agency project was a bit dormant due to the festival season and as many places did not accept new artists, we have now started to work on it again.

We do have 200 DAi not spent yet (20 hrs) and would like to request a budget to top up for another 30 hrs (300 DAI) so that we can focus on it in September.

The current team is
@ChangaRecords (João from Changa recs)
@tabear overseeing the project

Both of them know muti, live in Portugal and are either working in the cultural area or have experience with artist contacts.

Recently we:

  • updated our contact list with more than 50 contacts to be contacted/ reconnected
  • created 5 Press kits for our artists
  • are in the process of updating the Press Kits according to our new visual identity from Proximo Studios
  • updating the contact list with newly made contacts and contacts that have reached out to us during the last months

The plan for September is:

  • contacting venues in Portugal for muti events
  • contacting venues/programmers to integrate our artists
  • contact official entities like municipal halls, radio stations, and universities to establish connections so that muti will be spread out

In terms of self-sustainability, the agency and funds for it will help to pay the hours of the collaborators and for each gig muti will receive 15-20% commission, of which 5-10% will go to the collaborator who was able to secure the location. This will allow the project to grow and the position can be paid for by itself eventually.



Stepping in to share my hours of work in Muti Bookings

Research: 1H
Updating Booking List: 3H
Creating Draft E-MAIL: 1H

Total: 5H

Kind Regards
João Freire
Changa Records


Thank you for the contribution! Please use this forum post as a link in our astro dao to request 50 nDAI :slight_smile:


I have contributed with 10H to muti booking doing research on venues for possible collaboration, translating content of PK and presentation of muti, and creating email drafts and contacting venues via email.

Kind regards,

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Awesome, much appreciated. Please go ahead and request your payment of 100 dai. Please use this forum post as a link in our astro dao:slight_smile: