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Near Digital Fashion Dao is a community of fashion designers and craft makers in Web3 Ecosystem collaborating with each other to develop digital arts and fashion crafts as a wearable NFTs and as well educating other Fashion designers and craft makers who are still operating in web2 the need and benefits of switching to Web3 in this digital art revolution and onboarding them into Near Ecosystem.

Our main goal is creating a collaborative environment where digital fashion designers and craft makers in Web3 will work hand in hand in educating, devoloping and sensitizing each other in innovative ways and as a result creating digital fashion arts and crafts as wearable NFTs and as well promoting and expanding the Near Ecosystem.
Expanding and promoting Near Ecosystem by onboarding creatives in the fashion/craft industry, educating and engaging them with the Dao activities and projects…

Our Dao so much believe in self sustainability, so therefore have great Road Map that will enable us have self sustainable Dao in the Near Ecosystem through collaboration with other Daos, acquiring tools and equipments that will minimize the cost of executing our projects in subsequent months.

styleherbalist (Founder)
@pallo (Co-founder)
@Lesley (Active member)

I am Ojukwu Johnson @styleherbalist a web3 fashion designer and a fashion stylist https://instagram.com/style_herbalist?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= I’m a professional fashion illustrator and an event promoter, I have been into the industry since 2012, I’m the creative director of a fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria.
I’m here to build and collaborate with other creatives and DAOs to activate the presence of Fashion in Near Ecosystem and in few months here in Near Community, I have been an active member and have onboarded not less than 10 creatives…

Council Members
I’m Pallo Anthony @pallo a Graphic Designer and Brand Identity Designer.
Creative Designer at ROOTED EMPIRE, an agency that helps bring visibility to others and passing the right information through Graphics, Printing and Branding.
I have hosted a fashion event with my team, theme ANKARA CONCERT and it was aimed at show casing the beauty of fashion and also creating a connection between fashion designers in my city. it was a success and our aim was achieved. We also show cased different wears and brought creative fashion designers from other states to speak to our audience. https://www.facebook.com/pallo.anthony.1



Active Member

I’m kessy Lesley @Lesley an entrepreneur and a social media manager on an NGO base in Abuja, Nigeria, I will be in charge of the social media management and maintenance of Digital Fashion Dao.

Dao Activities

:heavy_check_mark: Organizing monthly workshops where we onboard fashion designer and craft makers and educating them on Web3 Ecosystem and it benefits over web2 and as well teaching them digital fashion tools to enable them create their digital arts/pieces which will be minted on our Dao mintbase store as wearable NFTs.

:heavy_check_mark: Organizing a reality fashion show and exhibition once in three months in different cities in Nigeria and as our community increases we expand to different countries. It will be platform where fashion designer and craft makers will showcase their products and fashion collection. The event will feature Runway, fashion trade fair and exhibition. Participants/Attendees will be directed to create Near Wallets and purchase tickets as NFT for them to gain access to the venue while vendors will as well purchase stands as NFT, in so doing promoting Near Ecosystem.

:heavy_check_mark: Collaborating with other Daos like Metaverse Dao to host fashion week in metaverse for the rest of the months that Reality fashion shows will not be held… Digital Fashion designers and craft makers who have master their tools in creating digital art and wearable NFT can showcase their digital collection.

:heavy_check_mark: Monthly Bounty to engage our community and to enable them master their tools…



©Introducing our concept as a Dao and publishing our first proposal which will include a workshop where we will train fashion designer and craft makers on how to use web3 digital fashion tools, sensitizing them about Near, it Ecosystem and the benefits of web3 over web2 in this digital art revolution and as well onboarding them into Near Ecosystem.

©Activate a Dao store in mintbase where we will mint picture and videos gotten during the workshop and as well mint some of their trials using web3 fashion tools.

©We will also activate a great social media presence and management, especially on Twitter, telegram and discord.
Putting up a bounty for graphic designers for our logo and social media cover/flyers.


©Organizing our first ever reality Fashion show and exhibition where we target on engaging a larger audience, onboarding them into Near Ecosystem and directing them in opening Near Wallets to enable them buy our NFT tickets and vendor stands which will lead us in the direction of self sustainability.

©Engaging our community with bounty on creating wearable NFT collection that will be minted on our Dao mintbase store.

©Social media maintenance and management.


©2nd edition of the workshop where we train those participated on our first ever reality Fashion show and exhibition on how to use web3 digital fashion tools and as well educate them on importance and benefits of web3 over web2.

©Engaging our members and community on bounty on wearable NFTs to enable them master their craft and Web3 fashion tools.

©Creating of website and YouTube channel where we can upload most of our event videos and some web3 fashion tools tutorials.

©Social media management and maintenance.


©Collaborating with other Daos like the Metaverse Dao to host our first ever metaverse live event where a lot of digital fashion designers and craft makers will showcase their collections on the metaverse.

©Website and social media management and maintenance.


©2nd Edition of our reality fashion show and exhibition.

©Engaging our community with bounty on creating wearable NFT collection that will be minted on our Dao mintbase store.

©Website and Social media maintenance/management.


All the projects will be carried out with the funding allocated to our Dao to enable us achieve self sustainability. We are open for collaboration and other members are allowed to summit proposals to our Dao but have to be in line with our Dao goals and objectives and will be analyzed by the council members.

Our social media links



On astro
I want to use this opportunity to appreciate my fellow creatives who has guided me and made my experience with Near Ecosystem awesome one… @Roxy who onboarded me, @Dedeukwu who has encouraged and who I’m inspired by his achievements so far in Near Ecosystem and @Ligaya who also gives me her Time and attention when I need it…
I am Tagging creative DAO moderators for review
@tabear @ted.iv @creativesdao-council @Monish016


May the Force be NEAR you!!!

Great Introduction Fam


Thanks fam :heart::heart::heart:… You have been a great inspiration to me so far


Goodluck in this Initiative Bro. You can make it​:rocket::rocket:


Thank you @Ligaya… You made the journey look so easy for me and I appreciate. :heart::heart:


Wow. This is awesome!


Thank you for seeing the whole idea awesome… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

We’ve really got something great and we’re happy to be part of this community

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That’s huge! I’m glad I see this dao being born


Thank you @TayOlua we are in this all together

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And you can join our community through the telegram link and other social media link


Awesome initiative! We’re doing something similar with


Where we on-board artist from the Philippines and sponsor e-learning in relation to Fashion Design and Digital Fashion with our NFTs!

We should connect, here’s my Twitter :slightly_smiling_face:



Ohh nice… I will check you out


wheres the telegram link to this dao ill be very interested inm executing a project with the help of the dao


Here is Our telegram link Telegram: Join Group Chat

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My name is Timi Phoenix am a artist,creative, and Entrepreneur
The founder of Timi Phoenix Apparel ,a fashion clothing company (sowing factory) based in Lagos Nigeria(Head office Ikeja, Factory Ikeja and branch also at Yaba)… with serval years of experience in the fashion space we have successfully established new designs as well as prints (brands GODS PLAN LUMINARY and many others which as still selling till date) . I also a member of the Blaqk Stereo DOA and NxM dao respectively.
I have being following up on the Digital fashion dao and it’s goal,I believe Joining you to further expand the eco system and fasting the actialization of the common goal both in fashion and in the digital world

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Good to see fashion designers pick interest in our community, I will propose to add you as a member on astro Dao, hopefully the council will vote positively…


Thanks so much, looking forward to doing exploit


Wow… wonderful initiciative I’m glad u share it with us here :clinking_glasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is a great initiative… I’m new here and will love to be part of this initiative