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Master Minds DAO is simply the coming together of different gifted creative personalities from different part of the world with great willingness in creating more beautiful impactful contents to promote the near community to the world at large.

This DAO is therefore vastly dependent in amapiano music, dance and art in achieving the great goal of taking Near community to a global Level.

Amapiano is soulful and innocent yet carnal with bright melodies and occasional raw and repetitive hooks, which deeply resonate in the Johannesburg and Pretoria townships where it was first popularised by bedroom producers.


Amapiano is a lifestyle”The beautiful sounds of this genre have created a lifestyle usually referred to as the ‘grootman lifestyle’. Amapiano literally means ‘the pianos’ but it’s a genre that’s much more complex in composition than the name implies. Believed to have started in 2012, this underground trend exploded in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, and has been on the rise ever since. It has become a persistent grassroots music, “It expresses the struggles and enjoyments that the youth go through on a daily basis. Becoming one of the biggest sound in Africa and to the world, we are looking at using Amipiano in reaching out to the world and using it as a means of onboarding creatives into the ecosystem.

Amapiano has unlocked many ways for the youth of South Africa to express themselves, providing opportunities for everyone from curators and compilers to dancers and club and event promoters. Today, there are hardly any venues or spots that don’t play ‘piano or cater to ‘piano lovers.

The prominence of amapiano has also directly improved and changed the lives of the artists who mostly come from middle-to-low-income backgrounds. Initially, they were paid with alcohol or exposure — the industry sidelined them. Today they are getting paid gigs, endorsements, better studio equipment, houses, designer clothes, expensive cars, and most importantly, are being recognised and appreciated for their talents and art.

Fast forward to the early 2020s, and amapiano is undoubtedly the biggest genre in the country . It’s been ruling the streaming charts and is highly popular on social media platforms. 'Piano is inescapable, and even creators of other genres have been incorporating its elements into their Sound.

In Africa today amapiano is one of the most selling and trending style of music and now advancing to the world at large.

This also gives rooms for other African countries to dwell in our ecosystem as amapiano is generally accepted by africans.

The Primary aim of this DAO is to create a platform, a home, that welcomes sensational talents, who are open and willing to positively contribute in creating amazing contents that will promote the near ecosystem to all part of the world.**

Promoting the Near ecosystem to a global level.

Scouting and Empowering Gifted, mind blowing Creatives willing to contribute in creating sustainability to the Near ecosystem



My Name is SUNDAY GABRIEL EDACHE, Popularly known by my stage name WIZPRINCE. I started my music career professionally as a versatile Singer, Rapper and Producer at the age of 15 and since then I have made a lot of known achievements in the music industry. As a multi-talented creative, I have explored my abilities as a Tiktok content creator, artist developer and talent manger, all of which are currently sustained simultaneously. As a graduate with BSc in Theatre art i also obtained certificate in YouTube insiders program here in Nigeria .

Here are some links to my socials



I have been able to network and connect with my fellow community members and DAOs in creation of NFTs i.e Music video, music E.p and highlighted events performances as NFT.



My most recent project with the Near protocol community is the ( Near Music Fest in Collaboration with KM28 )

Also, the first official Near x Music member to sell the total of 50 minted event ticket on mintbase. .

This was achievable cause my experience and connections in the music industry.




Having brainstormed potential benefit of developing a community with DAO council members which stand to promote Web3, Nfts, art, entertainment, fashion at live events and reality periodically and develop marketing strategies to onboard gifted and talented individuals all over the globe into the DAO.

The Dao would be collaborating with related brands In

reality and web3, brands into fashion, Marketing, art

and entertainment. We would like to use connections and experience to take this to a greater height.

We intend to use web3 emerging resources and technologies to optimize and expand our services and actions, focused mainly on entertainment, fashion, art and poetry but working and open to different kinds of projects mixing art, and technology


Other than just creating contents we intend to use individuals that are exclusively talented in their fields to bring the best in them, we live in a world where the most talented minds are the most unprivileged, so our scouting team will be in charge of scouting those exeptional talents that can take this blockchain to a more greater height, look how musically afro beat is taking Nigeria as a country to greater level in the music industry, this is achieved by some set of talented individuals, relating this to Near now that’s where This DAO comes in. We scout, develop and create.


we also intend to generate our income from the following?

*. sales of NFTs on online stores ( mintbase, para,)

  • Monetization of YouTube contents

  • Tamago streams and many more

  • Sales of NFT tickets at events ( metaverse and reality )


  • Amapiano monthly live show on the metaverse ( playing live amapiano instruments and acapella )

• Promoting creative near oriented contents to wider audiences all around the glode

• Empowering 3 new gifted creatives, base on how authentic their content is, at least a three every month

• Scouting, Empowering and supporting fresh and new creatives

• Organizing one reality event monthly whereby those creatives come showcase their talent and creations on stage, audiences will have to create a near wallet for themeselves and purchase entry ticket as NFT before gaining access to the venue, in that case we have the ability to promote web3 and Near to wider audiences.

I am aware of how discouraging NFT ticketing can be to people, I am glad to solve this problem with my most recent event that sold over 50 NFT tickets on mintbase. Link


This would be the medium we’ll use to interact and communicate with each other, sharing ideas, and Q/A alongside other crucial activities.

Time every Sunday by 5pm

We’ll also have speakers from different phase to come share ideas with us.


We intend to use the funding we get to enable smooth execution of project, all project proposed by new members will be carefully scrutinized and must be in line with our guidelines before any approval.


Our Dao have begin to connect with other DAOs,

In the first month we intend to start with the structuring of this DAO, developing ongoing projects, and organize our social media ( e )communication channels (instagram, Facebook, twitter, website, online store, Telegram channel and Discord server) to reflect this new establishment as a DAO.


• DAO creation and structuring ( introduction on Near gov forum and profile on Astro

  • Organizing a monthly Amapiano live Event to be displayed on the metaverse

• Start of road mapping and structuring

• Guidelines and Membership Badge


• first funding request for creatives

• Social media structuring and maintenance

• Website and online stores creation

• Scouting and A&R for gifted creatives

• amapiano metaverse live event ft top Naija stars

• Collaboration with other DAOs


• 2nd funding request for creatives

• Website and online strores


• Collaboration with other DAOs

• First Reality event showcasing talents and top creations and NFTS

• Scouting and Empowering gifted creatives

• Marketing and massive promotion of NFTs

• Amapiano Live Event

• Discord server creation

We’ve started operations on telegram and Astro, as we’re working towards structuring this DAO to a great level.



Master Minds creative DAO (council members)


A notable figure in the Near ecosystem who has made major impact by representing Near protocol and the creatives the Near ecosystem in the just concluded web 3 delight event which had over 3,000 attendees.

He has worked with marketing verticals in creating youtube contents that promotes Indirectly promotes Near and its attributes.

He founded the Near x Art Dao that focuses on incorporating creatives in all field to use the Near blockchain.


My name Samuel,Romanus Madu also known as Dj Ankara. I am a musician, event planner, an entrepreneur, with a certificate of Management course from Lagos and Making Music is something I love doing, I’ve been recording and making music independently for over 12 years, (2010). I have being with the nxm family for 8month plus and i have contributed vividly to near and it ecosystem. I’m graduate from Yaba College of Technology with good grade in Office Technology and Business Study.

Well I have done successful Music E.P and Event with the nxm dao. I also manage Near Music Heritage(NMH) for the purpose of impacting near ecosystem. I have onboarded over 10 members to onboarding-dao and onboard 7 people to nxm. Well I got ep purchased by my fam :upside_down_face:BEAT-DAO.






We intend to reach out to millions of individuals from different part of the world via consistent creativity thereby making Near web3 ecosystem a household for all creatives, Starting from Africa and therefore advancing to the world at large.

Tagging creative DAO moderators for review :blush::white_heart:
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Nice initiative. love to see it work


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I see this idea reaching greater height. And i will like to say I’m happy to participate in achieving success to this initiative. MMD to the :crescent_moon:.

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Welcome to the era of success :rocket::rocket:

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It is really cool to have exceptional beings/talents in the Near creative space. Happy to support.

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Heya, just to clarify, I am not a moderator of the Creatives DAO for a while now but I am sure the new mods will provide guidance :slight_smile: Good luck with the project!


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