[Closed BOUNTY] Amapiano Dance Competition

Near Amapiano dance competition A monthly amapiano dance competition among dancers worldwide, this competition is completely unique from others. We intend to use the social media tools of (instagram, tiktok, YouTube and twitter to get to the target audiences.)

The idea of Near Amapiano dance competition is a great initiative to onboard creatives, amapiano dance is a popular dance steps in africa that attract viewers from all part of the world .

This competition will be engaging and also promoting our community as it involves not only the artist but their friends, family and fans out there as contestants will post on their handles to get voters, and also an open bounty will be placed for all creatives in and out of the Near ecosystem to attract more creatives.



  • All contestants must post their entries on their respective social media page (instagram, twitter, and YouTube ) tagging @mastermindsDAO and @NeardanceDAO

  • Best entries would be minted on the master mind Near NFT store on (mintbase)

  • This competition will last for 12 days

  • Highest seller of NFT entry minted automatically wins the competition.


  • Winner gets the total prize of 150$ in near
  • 1st runner up gets the prize of 100$ in near
  • 2nd runner up gets the prize of 50$ in near


  • scouting and empowering sensational talents from around the world into our ecosystem
  • Selling of NFT tickets on mintbase
  • Promoting the Near ecosystem on all social media sites
  • Creating as many Near wallets as possible
  • Promoting Web3, Near, Mintbase to the world at large
  • Create Near awareness and exposure
  • Giving sensational talents a home and avenue to showcase their talent in music and dance which helps to create sustainability to the Near ecosystem
  • Collaborating with other DAOs


We intend to have two amapiano dance beat for the competition.

  • One from @Mubzy from BeatDAO

  • And the other from a popular South African producer residing in Nigeria. (Blazebeat)

  • We intend to collaborate with DanceDAO to engage other dancers into the Near ecosystem afterwards we run a social media sponsored Ads on our social media sites to create massive awareness and attract creatives to join the competition,

  • We would download and mint all entries on the Master Minds store.

  • Afterwards contestants must post entries and tag @mastermindsDao and @Dancedao on their social media pages.

  • Highest seller of NFT entry wins the bounty.

** Budget** :

  • WINNER : 150 dollars in Near

  • 1ST RUNNER UP :100 dollars in near

  • 2ND RUNNER UP : 50 dollars in near

  • Near Wallet Creation : 50 dollars in Near

  • Amapiano dance beat : 50 dollars Near

  • Sponsored Ads : 70 dollars in Near

Total : 470 dollars in Near

Overview of full Project


Would love to be a part of this

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Thanks :blush: @Mubzy

We are equally glad to have you on this project!

@wizprince1 nice proposal and we’ll written and organized.
This would also help the dance DAO community and would be glad to be part of this, as you’ve written to us about the collaboration earlier.
Hope to see more dancers involved, as to use dance to promote amapiano beats, Amapiano beats are the trending beats now in Nigeria.
Hope to get the best beat so as to enjoy dance :blush:

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Be assured we are bringing the best amapiano dance vibe to the ecosystem, once again thanks for your commitment @Psalmy :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a good idea…dope


BOUNTY​:boom:BOUNTY​:boom::boom: BOUNTY :fire::fire:

Are you ready to for a Dance with MasterMind​:100:??? Leggo​:leg:

Near Amapiano’s Dance is on fire. Engage and earn

Price Poll : $300


  1. Post a Minute Dance using Amipiano sound.

  2. You must be a member of MasterMind kindly join now


  1. Follow our social handle on twitter/Instagram @masterminds_dao

@Mubzy @ted.iv @kc_sollano @Paul @Monish016 @williamx @mecsbecs @FabDab @blusw



Wow…something new. Can’t wait to jump on amapiano beat from this great community. Good idea

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From what date to end when? 12days isn’t precise

Highest sell? Please make me understand, each entry would be minted on your DAO and winner would be judged from NFT sold or what?
The prize distribution is not cleared to me how can you pick out the first , second and third winner @wizprince1 thanks

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The bounty starts officially tomorrow 25th and ends on the 3rd of September!! the Three winners would be awarded on our live concert after their performance on the 5th of September.

Best 10 entries would be minted on our mintbase store as NFT, the three winners is based on NFT sold, Yes…

For example:

Mr A sold 12 copies (winner)
Mr B sold 9 copies (1st runner up)
Mr C sold 4 copies (2nd runner up)

I hope you understand better now @Psalmy


Presents to you those who emerged to the finals of the NEAR AMAPIANO DANCE COMPETITION that went underway few days ago.

Feel free and alright to vote for your favorite entry as the grande winner :trophy: would be announced on the 12th of September, 2022.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay good…


Top Trending: :fire::fire::fire:

Hello Team!!
Our first Near amapiano dance competition have officially come to an end!! :fire::fire:

And the Winners are:

Winner : Ice banj
Near wallet: ice_banj.near
Total votes: 6
Price: $150 in Near

1st Runner Up : micheal dabonko & isaac maxzim
Near wallet: dabonko.near
Total votes: 2
Price: $100 in Near

2rd Runner Up : betty & prinzee
Near wallet: bettyne.near
Total votes: 1
Price: $50 in Near

Winners should make a request on astro DAO for price payout :point_down:


Finally i wish to thank each and every contestant that participated in this competition While going through your entries , I had this amazing time recalling all the productive work y’all did. Super grateful and happy for showing up.