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Literature DAO Introduction


The Literature DAO’s mission is to explore the creative potential of the literary field within the NEAR Ecosystem. Our purpose is to captivate the academic public from different areas and interested in critically and creatively discussing Literature and its nature as a multiple artistic expression, represented in the most diverse fictional creations and narratives: from the universe of games to memes; from series and films to Fanfictions; from comics to anime; from graffiti to SLAM; from book pages to instabooks; from free verse to Twitter, from Web2 to Metaverse, and so many other representations that Literature offers us.

The wide diversity of the fictional field allows us to observe that there is literature in much of what we experience/live. When we replace the classic theoretical question of the literary universe: “what is Literature?” by “after all, what is not Literature?”, we subvert the concepts and implode the limits, sometimes archaic, between the definitions that can plaster the living universe and in frequent transmutation, which is Literature and its agents.

The intrinsic relationship between technology and literature goes beyond the means of production and reception of works, expanding access to the creation and circulation of words, which is associated with social needs and interests. Faced with the interests that are directed towards social exclusion, we must create conditions to combat the centralization of discourses and their technologies, finance and encourage ideas that explore literary language in the most diverse ways with the emancipatory aim of authors and consumers of Literature. Hence the importance of bringing the universe of Literature into the NEAR Ecosystem, as we recognize this space as a propeller for the promotion of literary experiences in multiple domains. We firmly believe that Literature DAO will boost the inclusion of the NEAR blockchain in our daily lives, enabling the emancipation of the most diverse critical and creative agents in the literary universe.

Who we are:

We are a DAO created to support the literary activity of Academy members and integrate them into the web 3. Literature DAO is made up of members from diverse academic fields who wish to help build the NEAR ecosystem around academic activities about literature expressed through creative products. Many of us are professors, university editors, masters and doctors, we are all researchers with the intention of building a literary DAO, in a way that is accessible and pleasant to the community. And our main idea is to expand the reach of NEAR, so that it can be used by researchers, professors and students of Literature and other nearby academic areas, which will possibly become new collectors and investors.


People can join our DAO as a member by invitation of the council, and can join our community by reaching us on telegram or by joining the Community group in our DAO on astro.

Council Members

PhD. Adriane Möbbs @adrimobbs
MSc. Camila Dalcin @dalcin.near
Heitor Monteiro Moreira @heitorm

General Members

PhD. Adriane Möbbs @adrimobbs
MSc. Camila Dalcin @dalcin.near
Heitor Monteiro Moreira @heitorm
PhD. Candidate Rosi Morokawa @rosasdulces
PhD, Kelin Valeirão
PhD, Keberson Bresolin
PhD. Monique Araújo
PhD. Helano Silva
MSc. Ana Lúcia Almeida
MSc. Lisandra Ferreira Jardim
PhD. Amália Cordona Leite
MSc. Felipe Freitag
MSc. Luiza Casanova
MSc. Odirlei Uavniczak
PhD. Samantha Borges
PhD. Simone Xavier Moreira

Community Group:

(under construction)

Founding Members

PhD. Adriane Möbbs @adrimobbs
MSc. Camila Dalcin @dalcin.near
Heitor Monteiro Moreira @heitorm


PhD. Juliano do Carmo @jsc2022.near
PhD. Rodrigo Cid @thephilosopher


Our DAO will be composed only from the general Members. The Council will be an administrative and decision group created from Members group. And the Community group will be a group of students and people interested in the DAO’s activities that will participate in polls on astro. We would be launching this DAO on the Astro DAO platform with council members inducted from the general members group.

Our Goals

Literature DAO intends to be a DAO for funding the literary work from professors and resarchers on the blockchain, like games and memes, series/films and fanfictions, comics and animes, graffiti and SLAM, book pages and Instabooks, free verses and Twitter, Metaverse, publishing books, publishing NFTs, making youtube challenges, build brodcasts, everything on the internet and on NEAR blockchain, and also all digitalized products from IRL events/projects.

For September

To establish a partnership with The Philosophers DAO to create Literature DAO on Astro Dao, create our store on MintBase, create content for our Social Networks, onboarding members in our Community, carry out small activities to spread the DAO and achieve some established metrics.

Ideas Long Term

  • To help building NearxPublisher and Near Alexandria with our publishing projects about Literature in a broad sense.
  • To work in contact with other DAOs, like Incubadora DAO, The Philosophers DAO and the Writers Guild, to produce interesting literary NFTs (text, video, challenges, images, etc) and to introduce the onboarded academics of Literature to the writing and talking activities of other DAOs.
  • To produce NFTs that could be a way to take literature to the people in an artistic way, like memes, interviews, cultural talks etc.
  • To be a source of funding for creative projects on web 3 that takes Literature back to the community and to expand NEAR to the community of professors and students of Literature.
  • To build cultural material to be constantly used by the general community and by students, professors and researchers.
  • Literary Capsules – production of short 5-10 min critic videos with reviews of literary works. The focus here is to broaden the discussion on the literature of now and its thematic, structural and editorial diversity.
  • Slam in the networks – occupation of the metaverse by the “bodies” of Slam – virtual poetry competitions (lives, which edited can also become a program within the podcast).
  • Fanfics and Virtual Communities - Literature created by fans of POP culture, everyone can fictionalize freely. Create a community of fandoms and encourage them to occupy the NEAR ecosystem with their fanfictions to promote literary contests.
  • Creation of a podcast with different frames: “Indicate a book (reproduction of material on youtube)”, “Radionovela Fanfiction”, “reproduction of SLAM battles”.
  • “I tell, you draw” - a project that promotes the production of authorial texts and illustrations. Proposing, in addition to financial incentives, for the winning texts and illustrations, a publication after these two phases. With the exploration of a genre per project: mini-stories/stories/critical reviews.
  • #Poem280characters: project to expand the circulation of authorial poetry through Twitter.
  • Non-verbal dialogues - contest between authorial photographs representing literary works; Redo/create original covers of classic books of universal literature. In order to promote a pictorial reinterpretation of the stories that move generations around the world; Engage in the network – photos with books and a sentence from the work – tag on DAO’s networks (haikai, cardboard boxes, poetry clothesline, records of urban interventions with literary themes - graffiti, lambe-ambe, stencil; instabooks.

What’s Next?

We will be submitting a proposal to Creatives DAO for funding to kick off some of the initiatives we have outlined above for Octubre 2022 funding.


If you have thoughts or questions just drop in below. The team is going to add, edit, or remove various elements of this working document before launching into the Octubre Funding Proposal.


This is absolutely fantastic.

Can you share your TG link please?


I am super glad with the development of this DAO. When @jsc2022.near told me that professors and students from the Letters were interested in building a DAO inside NEAR Ecosystem, I decided that I would be helping in whatever I can, because it is the second of the academic DAOs that deals with creativity beginning in the ecosystem, and I think it is important that we produce on NEAR a spread of academic creative DAOs, to make a bridge between literature production and literature analysis. Literature is one of the most important arts, therefore it is important to bring academics from that area to the ecosystem.


Literature DAO is a proposal we are very proud of, being able to expand the literary universe within M3 is simply wonderful!!!


This is a great project and very interesting. It will be a pleasure to contribute and be together with such amazing people! Literature DAO :hearts: :star_struck:


Please, @creativesdao-mods, would u make a tag for literature-dao?

Literature DAO already started their activities supported by The Philosophers DAO with 5% of our budget, in order for them to open astrodao, mintbase store, and make a small introductory project. This is Literature DAO’s first project:

This is Literature DAO astrodao: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/literature.sputnik-dao.near

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