[PROPOSAL] Support for Creation of Literature DAO

The project

We know how important support is for the dissemination and growth of the NEAR ecosystem, so we want to support Literature DAO for its creation on Astrodao, the creation of its store on MintBase, and the elaboration/execution of one of the projects presented in the Introduction to DAO Literature (especially so that DAO can become known and encourage people to participate in its activities). In the future, we will be able to establish partnerships to support other DAOs and to develop projects together with a view to self-sustainability.


September 20: Sending funds for Literature DAO
September 21: Creation in AstroDao
September 22: Creation of the store in the MintBase
September 23: Starting the project for dissemination of Literature DAO.

Subtotal: 250 USD


Thanks for the encouragement. Let’s build many projects together.

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Status: Completed

Budger: 250 usd in crypto

Literature DAO created on astrodao (5 near)

Literature DAO on forum:


Council Members

PhD. Adriane Möbbs @adrimobbs
MSc. Camila Dalcin @dalcin.near
Heitor Monteiro Moreira @heitorm

General Members

PhD. Adriane Möbbs @adrimobbs
MSc. Camila Dalcin @dalcin.near
Heitor Monteiro Moreira @heitorm
PhD. Candidate Rosi Morokawa @rosasdulces
PhD, Kelin ValeirĂŁo
PhD, Keberson Bresolin
PhD. Monique AraĂşjo
PhD. Helano Silva
MSc. Ana LĂşcia Almeida
MSc. Lisandra Ferreira Jardim
PhD. Amália Cordona Leite
MSc. Felipe Freitag
MSc. Luiza Casanova
MSc. Odirlei Uavniczak
PhD. Samantha Borges
PhD. Simone Xavier Moreira

Founding Members

PhD. Adriane Möbbs @adrimobbs
MSc. Camila Dalcin @dalcin.near
Heitor Monteiro Moreira @heitorm


PhD. Juliano do Carmo @jsc2022.near
PhD. Rodrigo Cid @thephilosopher

Bounty created by Literature DAO with the resources:

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The resource given generously by The Philosophers DAO was extremely helpful in getting Literature DAO started.

  • We created Literature DAO in Astrodao (5 N). (literature.sputnik-dao.near)
  • We created the Mintbase store for minting our NFTs (6.5 N). (literaturedao.mintbase1.near)
  • We developed the Literary Capsules project (150USD in Near - 50USD for each winner) - [BOUNTY - CLOSED] Cápsulas Literárias (Literary Capsules)
  • We created at least 10 new wallets (onboardings) in partnership with The Philosophers DAO (5 N).
  • We created a group (community) on Telegram that already has 40 members.
  • We created our YouTube Channel, where the literary capsules of our first project are posted (which are minted in our MintBase store). Literature DAO - YouTube.



  • 342 views on Near Forum.
  • Dozens of views of the Capsules on social networks and also many interactions in the Telegram group.

Acquired knowledge

We’ve learned a lot from interacting with other members of the NEAR ecosystem (especially with other DAOs), but the most important point from our perspective is that planning small projects (as opposed to doing one or two big projects) greatly expands people’s participation. who still don’t know NEAR. Especially as it becomes possible to decentralize resources to a larger number of people. In addition, the Literary Capsules Project was an initiative that was very well evaluated by members of the universities where Bounty circulated.

Next steps

Build a roadmap for 2023, starting with a pilot project that will encompass several small or subprojects. In accordance with the new guidelines, we will plan for three stages in 2023 as provided by the Near Foundation.

Thank you so much The Philosophers DAO and Near Foundation.

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Previous Report Sept, 2022.