[Introduction] Indian Indie Music Guild – A Community of Emerging Indie Artists

Greetings NEAR community! I am Shivang Arora, an award winning singer-songwriter, music producer, and an audio-engineer with 3+ years of experience in the audio industry. I’ve worked as a producer and mix engineer on multiple short films and singles. Fascinated by the Web3 ecosystem, I’m building the first Web3 community to empower Indian independent musicians and serve as their gateway into this space.

Indie Music in India

The Indie music industry is constantly growing at 30%+ over the past few years and currently has a market cap of over $1.2 billion USD. At every level, there are top-notch composers, performers and producers. It is essential that they can continue to create music for the masses.

There is one issue that all these artists have in common - finances.

Vision :

The Web3 space is an amazing and untapped opportunity for Indian independent artists.
It has countless possibilities, along with a decentralised system that gives artists much more control than conventional systems, providing them with a better incentive as well.

Mission :

The aim is to connect the deserving upcoming Indian indie artists to the available Web3 opportunities and introduce them to the ecosystem, along with providing them suitable funding so they can create music and music NFTs.

Objectives :


1: Onboarding of indie artists onto web3

2: Educating musicians about music NFTs and the ecosystem

3: Funding indie musicians in the IIMG community

4: Creating collaborative opportunities for artists

5: Enabling all IIMG artists to create Music NFTs on $NEAR

Roadmap :

Q3 2022

• Building the IIMG Community

• Creating and managing IIMG social media

Funding indie artists singles/album (singles, albums, music videos, distribution, etc.)

Minting IIMG Artists’ music NFTs on $NEAR

• Hosting AMA sessions with Music NFT projects in the ecosystem

• Hosting virtual community events (Live sessions, open mics, single/album launches, listening sessions, AMA’s, interviews and giveaways)

• Establishing IIMG DAO

• Partnering with NEAR metaverses

Q4 2022

Funding more IIMG artists per month + collaborative music releases

• Launching IIMG NFT Collection (for DAO membership)

• Onboarding indie artists from around the globe

• Partnerships with Music NFT projects on $NEAR

• Showcasing artist discographies on $NEAR as Music NFT Collections

• Metaverse Concerts starring IIMG Musicians

• NFT Ticketing for IIMG Musicians in Live and Virtual Concerts

Our main objective is to raise funds for indie musicians so they can create music and hence music NFTs

All our council structure will be shared shortly.

We are already in talks with the top music guilds on NEAR, will be announcing the collaboration opportunities in our next announcement.

Follow us on our socials :

Instagram - Login • Instagram
Twitter - https://twitter.com/theiimguild


This looks like a great initiative. Would be happy to support in whatever way I can through UniqArt :raised_hands:


Looks good, Amazing initiative to help artists.
What more amazing is this will be on $near


Nice initiative! Please be aware that you can always seek help within NxM and BeatDAO community :beers:


It’s time Indian artists ride the web3 wave… and launching on NEAR is a great idea… best of luck!


Thank you! Really appreciate UniqArt’s support for this :heart:


Agreed! Thanks for the support :grin:

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Thank you Paul! I really appreciate the support from the NxM and BeatDAO community :heart:


Indeed it is! Thank you so much!

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Nice​:heart: love this . Its a new milestone to all our Friends that can explore Indian music.


Yes it is!! Thank you for the support :heart:


Nice to see an Indian Music Guild forming up. :slight_smile:

Try connecting with the Kalakendra DAO Team also. These guys are also working in creating awareness about NFTs in India.

Tagging @Monish016 @Albhion @gurubaran

And @johanga leading the #goa-dao


Hello, NearVibes Love to Connect with Indian Indie Music Guild, As we are expanding and connecting with Local Artists, We love to Connect Indian Artist too .

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Thank you @naveen_in, Kalakendra DAO is already in discussion with the IIMG team for Collaboration for the month of June


Thank you! We’re already in discussion with the Kalakendra DAO Team :smiley:


We could definitely get in touch!


Fantastic project, really liked the roadmap! Good luck! :smiley:


Love this project! Really excited for this!


Thank you @johnreyam !!

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Thank you Sparsh! Welcome to the community, glad to have you here! :clinking_glasses:

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