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Greetings NEARians! I am Shivang Arora, a singer-songwriter, music producer, and an audio-engineer based out of India.

I created the first Web3 community to empower Indian independent musicians on June 3rd of this year – Indian Indie Music Guild. Here is our introduction post in Creatives DAO: https://gov.near.org/t/introduction-indian-indie-music-guild-a-community-of-emerging-indie-artists/21556

Since then, the IIMG team has been working non-stop to ensure organic community growth and a smooth transition into the world of blockchain and NFTs for its members.

Here are some of our proposals, and reports in Creatives DAO so far:


• Approved Proposal: https://gov.near.org/t/approved-indian-indie-music-guild/22599

• JUNE Monthly Report: https://gov.near.org/t/report-june-monthly-report-iimg/24524

• JULY Monthly Report: https://gov.near.org/t/report-july-monthly-report-iimg/26020

Introducing the IIMG council:

@shivangarora - Founder, Council

@niveditalakra - Administration, Council

avantinagral.near - Jury, Council (@avantinagral)

@officialtarana - Jury, Council (@komorebi.music)

oshojain.near - Jury, Council (@oshojain_)

IIMG Instagram page : Indian Indie Music Guild (@theiimguild) • Instagram photos and videos

Our team has been working tirelessly for the past three months to onboard new users and members onto NEAR through our guild. We have a community of 1000+ members on our social media accounts and have created 100+ wallets and 50 NFTs on NEAR.

Project Roadmap (September + October)

  1. To fund two Indie musicians for the month of September
  2. To launch NFT projects with established artists and create wallets for their communities
  3. Successfully onboard 250 members into the NEAR Web3 community through “Nayaab 2.0
  4. Establish an education wing with consistent web3 education and onboarding through a series of workshops and courses
  5. To grow the community to 2000+ members: Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram
  6. Live sessions on Discord, Twitter Spaces and Instagram with established indie artists
  7. AMA sessions: 2 online sessions in September
  8. Metaverse concerts showcasing live performances by IIMG artists

More details about the above in our Creatives DAO proposal:

In this post, we have added the details of our marketing proposal.

Social Media campaigns to educate and onboard creators and collectors into the NEAR ecosystem : $500

• Paid ad campaigns : $200

This includes marketing campaigns for NEAR NFTs to get more sales and create a collectors community. Here are our previous insights -

• Influencer campaigns : $200

We will pitch our community and the NEAR web3 ecosystem to social media influencers and pay them to endorse NEAR and IIMG. This will help us build a strong online presence and onboard people in greater numbers.

• Social media content creation : $100

We will create educational and engaging content around the NEAR blockchain, web3, as well as the Indian indie music scene to engage more artists and onboard them, while creating a sense of community. Our content will be focused primarily on reels for greater organic reach.

IIMG education wing : $300

The education wing is our effort to build IIMG into a self-sustaining community that continues to educate and onboard artists and collectors into the NEAR web3 ecosystem.

Through this programme, we will provide in-depth courses to emerging artists about :

  • Blockchain, NFTs and Web3 (focused on the NEAR ecosystem)
  • Music production
  • Songwriting
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Music and NFT marketing
  • Instruments (guitar, piano, etc.)

and much more.

We will use the funds to promote the educational wing, run paid ads and offer giveaways in the form of free workshops and NFT drops. We will try our best to organise these workshops in the metaverse, and personally onboard each attendee to the NEAR web3 ecosystem.

Team IIMG would like to extend their gratitude to @Monish016 from Kalakendra DAO, @Paul from NxM, @jefedeoro and @clarian from Tamago and NEAR Hub, @johanga from NEAR Goa DAO for their support our Web3 journey!


Hey Shivang, Thanks for the great work. Can you please share link of your social channels?


Hi Zubair, thank you! I really appreciate the support.

Here’s a link to our Instagram page : https://instagram.com/theiimguild

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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What is the relationship between musicians and the NFT? How will your concerts help attract new people to the ecosystem? Are you already receiving sponsorship in the creativity department, are these funds not enough for you?
Thx :blush:


Hi @stalking ,

NFTs are a great utility for musicians, specially indie artists who create original music. We’re exploring a variety of avenues like NFT merch, exclusive music NFTs, NFT ticketing and much more.

Here are some of the NFTs minted through IIMG -

Aanshika - Can You Tell?
Suneet Rawat - Tu Hai Kahin
Dev Sharma - Din Bhar
Asmay Patil - Chahu Tujhe

and many more

Concerts are a great way to attract new artists and their audiences who are already heavily invested in them. This way, we can onboard a great number of potential creators as well as collectors. We’ve also explored metaverse concerts, and we found that it’s a great way to build an engaging community which is ready to be onboarded. We’ve done 2 metaverse concerts yet and managed to create more than 20 new wallets because of the concerts. Check out our first metaverse concert here.

I have proposed a separate funding request in the creativity department, and those funds will only be used for the creative activities specified in that proposal. I have linked the Creatives DAO proposal in this post as well, and you’re most welcome to check that out.

Cheers! :smile:

I actually reject the notion that the Creatives DAO is only meant to fund ‘creative’ stuff while leaving out all the marketing, technology, etc. It is not sustainable to have an insulated group of artists. Rather, Creatives DAO should be covering most operational expenses of Creative endeavours.

This proposal is purely creative in nature, and as stalking has identified, the funding provided by creatives DAO seems generous (amend request proposal there if needed).

I do not support this proposal.


Hi @satojandro , thank you for the reply. :smile:
This is our first time allocating a budget for marketing, so our team thought that it would be better to split it between Creatives DAO and Marketing DAO.

I completely agree with you on the fact that having an insulated group of artists is not sustainable, which is why our team is working round the clock to grow our community organically.

As we are a fairly new guild, we really appreciate your guidance and would love to implement your suggestions to make this project more successful for the NEAR ecosystem.

If majority of the Marketing DAO moderators suggest that this proposal should be included in our Creatives DAO request proposal, we shall definitely do so.

Cheers! :smiley:

Yes, please. In my opinion it’s more suitable for Creatives DAO. Can I change a category for you? Thanks

Hi @shivangarora

The nature of the education with the exception of the first bullet point doesn’t directly expose people to the type of education needed for musicians to create more content. While there is some notable growth, the opportunity to generate long-lasting opportunities via new creators on Near doesn’t seem to be as clear.

It’s a no from me.

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